Mango Wood, the live album


On the 26th of November 2022, Mango Wood’s first performance in the city of Barcelona was held. Wake Up Jamaica, local selectors, promoters and night life agitators, decided to bet on the band from Madrid for their life show event. Accompanied by Ritxi Skatalite, O’Roscio and Mr. Buddy, and themselves as DJs. They kept the crowd dancing all night long. 

Tickets were sold out weeks before the show. The crowd completely filled ‘La Deskomunal’ music room. Ivan Thorpedo, veteran of the Barcelona scene, introduced the show and warmed an audience that was eagerly awaiting an event that promised to remain in the memory of all of those present. A night which gathered numerous members of the Catalunya, Madrid and Euskal Herria scene to dance, drink and enjoy the golden age of Jamaican music, now immortalized on this LP.

If you were there, you know what we are talking about. If you weren’t, we hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed playing that night.

Let the Mango Wood stomp, never ever stop!!

(purchasable here).

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