Liquidator Music shows a firm commitment to Akatz by releasing ‘Vuelta Y Vuelta’ (Turn And Turn), which is the fourth in the band’s career. Previously they have also released demos, 7”s, EPs and been included on compilations. This is not exactly a prolific output for such a long career, but each release has been accompanied by relentless live work. Live activity is the territory where Akatz  operates with greatest ease. Touring is where the group has been consistently showcasing their talent, their love for classy music and their eagerness to entertain audiences at festivals, street fiestas, music venues and community centres.

It is appropriate to expand this account into the live forum as their  performances are currently one of Akatz’s a biggest charms. Without looking back too much over the past -for they are children of the times and circumstances in which they live in- it is worth emphasising that their live performances proudly reclaim aesthetic elements that make them unique: a line-up of elegantly dressed musicians, attired in suits and short-brimmed hats, a repertoire that pays homage to vintage Jamaican rhythms, and the front man, Dr. Baltz, is a showman who knows how to win over the audience, constantly joking and interacting with them.

Akatz are not Jamaican, or British, and they do not attempt to appear to be. To their credit, they have found their own way to be regarded as genuine, recognizable and unique performers of music of Jamaican origin. They sing their own compositions, in spanish and basque, relating their everyday realities – their lyrics are seasoned by the rough character than Bilbainos are known for, and they do so over a foundation of jamaican oldies spiced up, where appropriate, with the dancing elements of Swing, Punk attitudes or even ventures into suggestive live dub remixes if the occasion requires it.