The Gramophone Allstars

TGA we founded by saxophone player Genís Bou, who combines musical talent and young musicians. The great female singer Judit Neddermann and the double bass player Vic Moliner, are two young musicians with a notable projection in the jazz scene in Catalonia and Spain. Also featured in their line-up are some other great musical talents like Joan Díaz and Jon Robles, recognized musicians from the spanish jazz scene.
Ska, Jazz, Reggae, Soul and latin influences is the blend of this talented band.

They have released three albums: ‘Just Delighting’ (Brixton 2008), ‘Simbiosi’ (Liquidator 2010) and ‘Levitant A la Deriva’ (Liquidator 2011).


TGA Girona

The Gramophone Allstars releases on Liquidator

The Gramophone Allstars

Levitant A La Deriva

CD / LP , 2011

The Gramophone Allstars


CD , 2010