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Roy Ellis – Mr. Symarip

Jamaican artist Roy Ellis, aka Mr. Symarip, sold over 7.000.000 copies of his classic Skinhead Moonsop album up to date since 1969 on Trojan Records and still kicking. The most sueccessfull jamaican foundation artist alive, since he came back to the stages in 2006 he has released 6 albums in 3 different continents and played all around the world including Japan, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Argentina and of course all around Europe.

His starting in the showbusiness was leading rhythm and blues & ska bands in the 60’s like The Bees, The Seven Letters and The Pyramids but the success came with Symarip in 1969 selling over 7 millions of copies with the ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ album for Trojan Records, introducing the Reggae sounds in UK and the rest of Europe.
Up to date he’s still the artist who has sold the biggest number of records in Trojan Records, even more than others like Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff.

Roy Ellis, also known as Mr. Symarip, was borned in Kingston, Jamaica, from mother Jamaican and American father. He was already brilliant as a ten-years old solo singer in the Children Gospel choir in the Baptist Church in Kingston (Jamaica). In his school-days he developed a strong friendship with Jimmy Cliff, and also Bob Marley belonged to his circle of friends.

Later in the 60’s in England and central Europe he made himself with his giant voice an international name in the Ska, Reggae, Gospel, Blues, Soul scene. Roy Ellis was also the lead singer and song writer from one of the most famous British Ska, Reggae, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Funk band: The Pyramids / Symarip. During the 60’s he was one of the pioneers for the Ska and Reggae music in England and Middle Europe.

In 1966 he was discovered by the “Godfather of Ska”, Laurel Aitken, who wrote 2 songs: ‘Jesse James Rides Again’ and ‘Because I Love You’, and also produced a bunch of other hits for them.

In 1970 The documentary film “REGGAE” was flimed in the Wembley stadium. Roy Ellis interpreted the Ska & Reggae Music and also Gospel songs in Reggae style. And in 1971 sang Roy Ellis his blues-characteristic compositions ‘See you later’ and ‘To Father’, in the film ‘Warm December’, the star performer was the magnificent film actor Sidney Poitier.

7” The Bees Jesse James Rides Again/The Girl In My Dreams (Blue Beat 1967)
7” The Bees Jesse James Rides Again/The Girl In My Dreams (Columbia/Blue Beat 1967)
7” The Bees Prisoner From Alcatraz/The Ska’s The Limit (Columbia/Blue Beat 1967)
7” Four Gees Ethiopia/Rough Rider (President 1967)
7” The Pyramids Train Tour To Rainbow City/John Chewey (President 1967)
7” West Indians Beautiful Baby/Don’t say Goodbye (President 1967)
7” Original Africans Mr. Full Stop/Sting me (President 1967)
7” The Pyramids Wedding In Peyton Place/Girls, Girls, Girls (President 1968)
7” The Pyramids All Change On the Bakerloo Line/Playing Games (President 1968)
7 The Pyramids Mexican Moonlight/Mule (President 1968)
7” The Pyramids Tisko My Darling/Movement All Around (President 1968)
7” The Pyramids Do Re Mi/I’m Outnumbered (President 1969)
7” The Pyramids I’m AMan/Dragonfly (President 1969)
7” Symarip I’m APuppet/Vindication (Attack 1969)
7” Alterations Work it up/Work, Rest and Play (Jay Boy 1969)
7” Alterations Rough Riders Boss/President House (Jay Boy 1969)
7” Pyramids Bed Bugs AMessgae to you/Freedom Sound (Jay Boy 1969)
7” E K Bunch Banana/Free (Jay Boy 1969)
7” Seven Letters People Get Ready/The Fit (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters Please Stay/Special Beat (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters Flour Dumpling/Equality (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters Mama Me Want Girl/Sentry (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters Soul Crash (Soul Serenade)/Throw Me Things (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters There Goes My Heart/Wish (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Seven Letters Bam Bam Baji/Hold Him Joe (Doctor Bird 1969)
7 Symarip Fung Sure/Tomorrow At Sundown (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” The Pyramids Stay With Him/Chicken Mary (Doctor Bird 1969)
7” Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp/Must Catch ATrain (Treasure Isle 1969)
LP The Pyramids The Pyramids (President 1969)
LP Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp (Trojan 1969)
7 Symarip Parson’s Corner/Redeem (Treasure Isle 1970)
7” Symarip La Bella Jig/Holiday By The Sea (Treasure Isle 1970)
7” The Pyramids I’m APuppet/Vindication (Attack 1970)
7 The Pyramids Geronimo/Feel Alright (Duke 1970)
7 The Pyramids Feel Alright/Telstar (Trojan 1970)
7” The Pyramids To Sir With Love/Reggae Shuffle (Trojan 1970)
7” The Pyramids All For You/All For You (Version) (Trojan 1971)
7” The Pyramids Bruce Rufin – Rain/Geronimo (Trojan TR-7814B 1971)
7” The Pyramids Mosquito Bite/Mother’s Bath (Creole 1971)
7” The Pyramids Can’t Leave Now/Teardrops (Creole 1971)
7” The Pyramids Jesse James Rides Again (Rhino 1974)
7” Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp/Skinhead Jamboree (Trojan 1979)
LP Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp (Trojan 1980)
LP The Pyramids Drunk and Disorderly (Ariola 1985)
CD Roy Ellis Different Faces (1993)
CD Roy Ellis You Got To Move (1993)
CD Roy Ellis It Is No Secret (1994)
CD Roy Ellis Good News (1996)
CD Symarip The Best Of Symarip / Pyramids, etc. (Trojan 2004)
LP/CD Mr. Symarip The Skinheads Dem A Come (Liquidator 2007)
CD Mr. Symarip The Skinheads Dem A Come (Japonicus 2007)
CD Mr. Symarip The Skinheads Dem A Come (Jump Up 2007)
CD / DVD Symarip Live at Ska Club (Cherry Red 2008)
7” Mr. Symarip Shine Shine Shine (Liquidator Music 2008)
7” Roy Ellis & The Teenagers Let Me Take You Higher (Liquidator Music 2009)
CD Symarip / The Pyramids Ultimate Collection (Trojan 2009)
CD Roy Ellis It’s A Joyful Time (Liquidator Music 2009)
LP / CD Roy Ellis The Boss Is Back (Liquidator Music 2011)
7″ Roy Ellis – You Can’t Leave Now (Liquidator Music 2012)

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