The Crepitans – Run Home

Hailing from Madrid come The Crepitans, a new Rocksteady and Reggae act in the mood of the classic 60s jamaican outfits as The Kingstonians, The Ethiopians or The Gaylads.

Their sound is notable for being leaded by their vocal trio harmonies, besides of their groovy and catchy rhythms. The Crepitans is formed by experienced musicians having been involved in other projects like Ready Getters or Upsttemians consolidating themselves with this new project as a professional band and one of the most interesting groups coming from Spain.

Their debut release is a 7” single featuring the tracks ‘Come To Call Me’ and ‘Run Home’ under Liquidator Music label, a release recorded analogically at Greenville Studios by Oscar Martos (Granadians, Tasty Grooves, Pyramid Blue, etc.) capturing the sound and the feeling of the classic Jamaican Rocksteady bands with a great result.

Akatz – Skandalo!

New video clip by Akatz, taken from their last album entitled ‘Vuelta y Vuelta’.

Akatz are not Jamaican, or British, and they do not attempt to appear to be. To their credit, they have found their own way to be regarded as genuine, recognizable and unique performers of music of Jamaican origin. They sing their own compositions, in spanish and basque, relating their everyday realities – their lyrics are seasoned by the rough character than Bilbainos are known for, and they do so over a foundation of jamaican oldies spiced up, where appropriate, with the dancing elements of Swing, Punk attitudes or even ventures into suggestive live dub remixes if the occasion requires it.

Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior – Rocksteady Birthday

Los Granadians brings to Earth their new probe of expansive cosmic Reggae.
The Cosmic Wave! (La Onda Cosmica), the long awaited new album by the underground psychotropical titans.

Young, bold and XXI century classics, having being Where No Man Has Never Reached Before (Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamás – Liquidator Music 2009), Los Granadians have transferred Reggae and Rocksteady galaxies in a tireless race full of anthems registered in a number of singles, EPs and albums for Liquidator Music, and that culminates in La Onda Cósmica, their fifth full length album, released on LP (+CD) combo, CD and digital download.

With this new record, his final tribute to the miracle of life on our planet, Los Granadians sing to an emotion so real that wants to seem not interstellar, although it. To brighten this mission they propose a master game of winks and challenges to our ears: suddenly we could think in Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid, Lee Perry, Prince Buster, or Lloyd Charmer’s Psychedelic Reggae; but also many postcards from the sea where their artifact has landed: that one that bathes and gives rhythm not only to Jamaica, but also to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Louisiana or Colombia. Combinations that, shaken with the Caribbean style, surprises with ingredients from the seven seas, guessing where we want to go pleasantly delivering all our clothes, according to progresses in the record grooves.

La Onda Cósmica has been registered at Greenville Studios in Madrid, Spain, using their famous analogíc overdubbing system on tape. Codecs could be used for describing these 13 songs sound but, if you don’t listen to it, you will still be out of Los Granadian’s Cosmic Wave.

The presentation of this new album tour, without a doubt the most important of Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior career, starts now; the machinery is greased, the so called “party that nobody wants to stop” has arrived.

We’ll see you there!

Alpheus – The Right One

We are pleased to announce the release of Alpheus new rocksteady video clip entitled ‘The Right One’.

The story is a depiction of true events about a man (who is named Tyrone in this dramatized re-construction) that was nonchalantly taking his lunch until an intriguing, and most beautiful woman, passes his way. From then onwards he throws himself into a gentle pursuit and a series of daydreams and fantasy’s about this lovely woman he now believes to be ‘The Right One’ for him. Will he finally pluck up the courage to speak to her? That is the question!

This Winston Riley cxlassic rocksteady rhythm is authentically and beautifully re-worked by Roberto Sánchez and his ‘Lone Ark Riddim Force Band’. The song is written by Alpheus taken from his current album entitled ‘Good Prevails’, produced by the talented Roberto Sánchez and released on the renowned ‘Liquidator Music’ label.


The Right One-Video Clip
Directed/Edited by………………….Pete Bong
Executive Producer………………….K.E Marks

The Cast
The Right One……………….Geraldine Dyer
Tyrone…………………………..Kevin Davy White
Shop Owner…………………..Pierre Antoine Rouyer
Man in Shop………………….Jean Philippe Greve

Filmed on location in Paris at The Eiffel Tower and
Chez Pitou Grocery Store
61 Avenue du Général Leclerc
Viroflay, France.

Alpheus – Look In The Mirror

Alpheus new video clip ‘Look In The Mirror’, taken from his new album entitled ‘Good Prevails’, is a superb uplifting Ska song produced by Roberto Sanchez and played by his wonderful ‘Lone Ark Riddim Force Band’. The song is basically about positive self awareness, loving and instilling confidence and belief in oneself, and there is no better place to start than ‘The Mirror’.

Alpheus and Roberto Sanchez are assisted in projecting the story here visually by a host of their fellow artist peers such as Ken Boothe, Beenie Man, Errol Dunkley, Johnny Osborne, Lone Ranger, Solo Banton, Winston McAnuff, Michael Prophet, Buttons-Matic horns, Cedric Myton, R Zee Jackson, Steppa, Big Red, Guive, Soul Stereo, Garance Reggae Festival and many, many more. Big Thanks to all who participated.

Alpheus – Rudie No More

Official first video from his brand new album ‘Good Prevails’.

Briatore – Troubles

Briatore presents their new music video ‘Troubles’ as advance from their forecoming album ‘Wake Up!’ on Liquidator.

Shot and produced by Modular Estudio.

Smooth Beans – Sing, Flip & Twist

Smooth Beans 5th. anniversary!!!

Five years on the road, a few spanish tours, several festivals, three records and a couple awards is the result of five years of this spanish outfit hard work.

Ready for leaving for their first european tour during the first two weeks of december Smooth Beans celebrates their anniversary with the release of a brand new single 7″ entitled ‘Sing, Flip & Twist’.

The Kinky Coo Coo’s – From Stem To Stern

The Kinky Coo Coo’s new album has been released on July 10th. 2013 on Liquidator label. It is 10 years now since their first release, during this time they have published around 8 records, backed quite a few Jamaican legends, played a lot of festivals all over Europe and their releases in Japan are some of the Barcelonian band’s highlights.

‘Sweet, Fun & Ready’ is their new LP title, an album full of Rocksteady, hypnotizing Reggae, Funk, Soul and, of course, Ska.

Tasty Grooves – Rise From The Ashes

Music video from Tasty Grooves new album entitled ‘Soul Street’, one of the best Reggae & Soul bands nowadays.

Check the link below for more info: