Carroll Thompson – Dance With Me



Carroll Thompson, with her sweet voice, is absolutely one of the best Rock Steady and Lovers Rock singers. Now presenting ‘Dance With Me’, an original Rock Steady tune, unforgettable song, an instant hit!

Video clip directed and edited by Gotta Go! Finest Videoworks
Carroll Thompson shot by Ben Akhaze

Band: Mighty Megatons
Song produced by Rudy King Manu Del Conte Chauvin
Recorded by Alberto Peces (Aka Likkle Tuco at TucXone Records) and mixed by Alberto Peces & Alberto Martín López at LALAVALAB (Madrid)
Audio mixing assistant: Pablo Delgado
Mastered by Aloe Vera records
Executive production by Fajador Records, Caribbean Uptempo and Sally Brown Rude Vinyls
Artistic Project: Francesco Nembokid Selecta (Roma)

Mighty Megatons are:
Rudy King: rythm guitar
Franco Blangino: bass
Likkle Tuco: Drums
Javier Martín Boix: guitar
Pablo “Pollo” Delgado: piano and organ
Viti Sánchez: tenor sax
Mono Ministers: trombone
Martín del Dedo: trumpet
Pablo García Cepeda: baritone sax

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