Los Granadians – El Dinero Es Para Gastarlo @ Pop A Top


Last video broadcasted by the intergalactical ‘Pop A Top’ tv show.

It has long been that Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior recorded a special set for the famous Pop A Top tv show for the intergalactic AVK channel.

Now it has been known that the NASA powerful receivers were able to intercept part of this signal. The space agency officials have recently decided to declassify these documents as gratitude for the support received from Los Granadians for the Phoenix mission and the exploration of the Martian surface.

Their many supporters have welcomed these news with great enthusiasm all over planet earth. How could it be otherwise, Liquidator Music will be responsible for the dissemination of these images, where it is possible to watch some parts of this tv show including some performances of this famous group.

Earthlings: stay tuned to your screens!

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