Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra, two new 45s

Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra is a raw, powerful and in your face musical experience. This massive 20-piece amalgamation of All-Star musicians is a spectacle to both watch and hear. With a horn section three times bigger than most other ska groups, WST breaks barriers and expands your imagination for what is possible. The groove is hard hitting and the melodies are both precise and dexterous.

They boast an All-Star lineup of West Coast powerhouses with members from The Aggrolites, Beastie Boys, Gogol Bordello, Hepcat, See Spot, Mobtown, Kingston 10, Joey Altruda’s Crucial Riddims, The Debonaires and many more. This group of Jamaican Jazz gunslingers is rebranding the music of yesteryear and propelling it into the future!

They are proud and excited to announce their first release in over 5 years with not one but TWO 45’s featuring all original music. The first with a fistful of reggae entitled “Tunnel Vision” and a Dub version on the B-side. The second single features two haunting traditional ska instrumentals. On the A-Side, “Unshackled” a HEAVY minor ska track and on the B-Side is an instrumental ska tune transporting you to Ancient Egypt.

NOW available for preorder! Super exclusive limited vinyl release with only 250 of each worldwide. Grab your copy here before they get snatched up!

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Top Shotta Band ‘Spread Love’, new LP

Trumpeter/engineer/producer Mush1 (formerly of The Slackers & Murphy’s Law, and currently also of Tunnel One Radio [WNYU], Al Paragus HQ / When Dance Was Nice, and Hungry March Band) is back again with what is already being labeled an instant classic, with the 10-piece Brooklyn-based Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan’s second LP, ‘Spread Love’, out now on Liquidator Music. On this LP, Mush1 returns to his musical roots and first love, foundation ska music, with a collection of all original material penned by living icon Screechy Dan and the band. 

In these times of uncertainty and rising tensions, Screechy Dan and the crew bring an uplifting, positive message through love songs, and the belief in the underlying good of humanity. 

You can check out how staying true to the sound of famed studios such as Studio 1, WIRL, and Treasure Isle, the rhythm section was recorded live all in the same room around 1 microphone to tape, giving the music an intimate and rootsy vibe. 

Spread Love also features special guest veterans of the NYC ska scene Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Maddie Ruthless (The Far East). Spread Love is also being supported by a pair of music videos (Spread Love / Cool and Deadly, and What’s On Your Mind), as well as a 7” vinyl single Spread Love / Cool and Deadly). 

We hope you enjoy what people are already calling “The greatest LP of foundation ska music ever made outside of 1960’s Jamaica!”.

You can purchase your copy here.

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Mango Wood – Stomp You Down :: out now!

After releasing three singles on vinyl during the last years and played live intensively, they present now their brand new album STOMP YOU DOWN!

Recorded 100% analogic at Brazil Studios (Madrid), the album features 13 new compositions which moves between Reggay and classic Rock Steady with infectious vocal grooves and instrumental dancehall stompers.

Mango Wood is a band from Madrid formed at the beginning of 2016 that is focused in Jamaican oldies sounds, specially from the 60’s. The line up features 6 members with more than 10 years of experience in several bands, live shows and international festivals.

The combination of the strong vocal trio with the solid instrumental section gives the band a classic and energetic characteristic sound, Mango Wood seeks his own sound with a strong personality in each of their songs. Enthusiasts of the Jamaican music golden era, Mango Wood studies, analyzes it and pays tribute in this album you are now holding in your hands.

They have a solid and great live show due to have played all over the place, doesn’t matter if it’s a small club or Rototom Sunplash ‘main stage backing The Silvertones and The Heptones.

Released on deluxe LP, CD and digital download.

Get your copy here!

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The Victory, Alpheus new album!

Alpheus and Producer Roberto Sánchez, in association with Liquidator Music, are happy to bring their brand new album to you entitled ‘The Victory’.

This Album consists of quality carefully constructed Ska, Rock Steady and Early Reggae, and is Alpheus sixth album in total and his fourth album with the talented producer Roberto Sánchez. Alpheus two preceding albums (‘Good Prevails’ and ‘Light Of Day’) are also released by Liquidator Music label.

You will hear coherent, positive and meaningful lyrics penned by Alpheus that implore unity in strength and empower, as well as stories of love. 

All compositions are original, composed by Roberto Sánchez and played to high standard by himself and his Lone Ark Riddim Force band, recorded at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio in Santander, Spain.

There’s no doubt that this talented team have made music that will stand the test of time, and this new album will be yet another ‘collectors item’.

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Jamaicat – Jamaican Sounds From Catalonia

Jamaicat is a compilation featuring 21 tracks (most of them previously unreleased) of Jamaican music at it’s most classic mood. All the bands are from Catalonia, nearly five thousand miles away from the treasure island, and fifty years after the golden age on which these bands gets the inspiration from.

Most of the bands featured have been around for quite a long time, some of them over two decades. It looks like the Jamaican grooves are now part of the Catalonian musicians DNA 

This compilation just wants to be some kind of family portrait which shows the wide musical specter born from those Oldies but Goldies tunes written back in the time in the West Indians.

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The Oldians – Roots’N’Soul, new album!

The Oldians are back again on time to their biennial record release rendez-vous and launch their seventh studio album “Roots ‘n’ Soul – Nice & Easy”: what an awesome skill this from the Catalans, leaded by Javier García (guitars, music, arrangements, lyrics, recordings, mixing) and… what a non-stop pure joy for connoisseurs, band followers and Jamaican music lovers in general it is!

For this new strike The Oldians draw 12 new songs with the root and the soul as the square and the bevel, dropping lines free on their own way and almost eye-blinded, because these kids go like this: nice and easy. This “Roots ‘n’ Soul – Nice & Easy” new album find a perfect-drilled version of the Oldians when playing at the crossroad of Jamaican and Jazz traditions: whether it’s rocksteady time, a ska beat or getting the reggae the band print its signature trademark in every of the album tracks. It comes easy to The Oldians with a well rooted rhythmic base (when occupation meets craftmanship); beautiful it is with those keys on four hand and those dreamland pistons and reeds with its; nice and easy are each and every of the solos you will find in “Roots ‘n’ Soul – Nice & Easy” (top of the crop, that’s what they are). 11 out of the 12 songs of this new collection are lighted by the one and only Saphie Wells, vocalist of the band who might be the guest star at the vocals if only she was not, more than recruited, fully-incorporated to the band: Saphie made the difference in the two previous albums by the Catalans and she glitters again bringing forward the songs to higher levels of magic and seduction.

If this new album is the first release by The Oldians you are holding on your hands, get your turntable on a rush and don’t miss the chance to jump in the legacy of the band: rewind, stop by and enjoy the large discography of the band. If, on the other hand, you already know about this little hidden musical treasure called The Oldians, you better get ready because “Roots ‘n’ Soul – Nice & Easy” is, up to the date, the best of the musical gems of the band. And of course, you will enjoy it just as if this new record wasn’t the last shot of the band ever: you know you can trust them!

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Nuevo single de Alpheus!

Liquidator Music label announces another quality Alpheus release via a new double sided single. 

‘Rudies’ is the title track featured on the A side, a vibrant uptempo dancing Ska song where Alpheus sings resonantly to all. The song is a call for all Rudies to come out for a jubilant night of dancing, adorned in their best Rude garments’. The superb composition of the music by Roberto Sánchez certainly gives us the air of that retro authentic 60’s Ska sound. Played by Musicians of the highest order Lone Ark Riddim Force. 

On the flip side is ‘Our Time Will Come’, an early Reggae song which Alpheus sings with positive endearing intent. A message of hope and perseverance on this early reggae rhythm composed and elegantly constructed by the maestro Roberto Sánchez and played again by his Lone Ark Riddim Force band. 

This brand new single will be out on December 12th. as an advance of their forthcoming album to be released on 2020. B side is a rarity which won’t be issued on the new album.

Order your copy now.


A.   Rudies
B.   Our Time Will Come

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Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan, new 7″ out!

Formed in 2010, Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan is Brooklyn’s freshest and hardest hitting live ska and reggae band. 

Led by trumpeter/producer djMush1 (formerly of The Slackers and Murphy’s Law) the group features a 4-piece horn section, a full 4-person riddim section, and live percussion, as well as the inimitable Screechy Dan (original Vital Crew/Big Yard/Shaggy Posse or with his alias Leon Dinero on Daptone Records) on vocals. With a powerful, soaring, and versatile vocal style, at times invoking R&B/soul greats such as Frankie Lymon and Otis Reading, Screechy Dan is a New York City musical icon, and an in-demand international touring artist. 

With its roots originally in instrumental and horn-laden dub, Top Shotta Band’s latest 7” single returns to Mush1’s musical roots and deepest love, foundation ska music, and features two original compositions by Screechy Dan and the band.

This brand new 7″ single is the advance of their forthcoming vinyl LP to be released in 2020, entitled “Spread Love”. “Share My Love” and “Cool and Deadly”, the tracks featured in this new 7″ 45, are two genuine roots ska tunes pressed in a limited vinyl released for fans and DJs.

Purchase your copy here.

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Laurel Aitken – En Español, 20th anniversary

20th Anniversary edition of this Laurel Aitken classic. This one is Liquidator Music label best seller ever!

As you might know, Jamaican icon, Mr. Godfather Of Ska, Laurel Aitken, was born in Cuba where he lived until he was 8 years old and moved to Jamaica. His career started singing Calypso, Jazz, Cuban and Boogie Boogie for tourists in Jamaica in the early 50’s.

This one is his only Spanish album in such a long career, he recorded it in Spain in the late 90’s, when Laurel was in his seventies, along with Skarlatines band.

Expanded and remastered edition housed in gatefold jacket featuring a bonus track that wasn’t released in the original CD edition.

This is Latin Ska!

Purcahse you copy here.

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Ska Jazz Messengers – Mil Veces No, 7″

It has been ten years since the formation of Ska Jazz Messengers; a decade of changes and metamorphosis as they follow their musical quest.  Numerous musicians and lineups have allowed the band’s roots ample time to reassess ideas that are finally coming to fruition in 2019. 

Ska Jazz Messengers may well be the sole representatives of Venezuelan Ska Jazz today; survivors of a very fruitful period for this genre in their home country.  As political and social situations made it harder for other groups to keep going and their members dispersed across the Venezuelan Diaspora, SJM have soldiered on. Even though their musical style might be considered “underground” in most countries, they’ve managed to spread their name to fans of Jamaican music across the globe, as well as expose new ears to these captivating styles.

Between 2014 and 2016 the band’s popularity exploded, in their own country, as well as abroad, thanks to their cover of Pharell William’s “Happy”, which has so far garnered almost half a million plays. This song earned them an appearance on the German compilation “Skannibal Party”, while in Venezuela they were nominated for the Pepsi Music Awards for two consecutive years.

In 2016, the band was  invited by Hakase Sun (respected session player in the Japanese Reggae/Ska/Alternative music scene since the late 80’s) to collaborate on one track for his 8th solo album. Hakase has played and recorded with a number of Jamaican and British legends, and has participated in important Japanese bands including Little Tempo, Oki Dub Ainu Band, Tsuyoshi Kawakami and His Moodmakers and Fishmans.  This collaboration has gained SJM such notoriety in the Land of the Rising Sun that they will not only have Hakase himself on their new album, but also a number of other guests from all over the world, including the bassist and wonderful producer: Victor Rice, Joey Altruda (Jump with Joey), Esteban Descalzo (fantastic Argentinan producer, sound engineer and musician), Emerson Kitamura (Mute Beat/ ASA CHANG duo and many more), Horacio Blanco (Desorden Público), Prince Fatty, and Satoru Takeshima (Ego-Wrappin’).

Ska Jazz Messengers’ debut album will be released in late 2019 on Madrid’s Liquidator Music, a label that has published some of the most relevant Reggae/Ska/Soul releases of the last twenty years.  “Introspección” leverages all the hard-work the band has put in, against all obstacles, to finally record their long-awaited debut album; twelve vibrant tracks that express the maturity and sensibilities of its members. Without looking to emulate current “retro” trends, or ostentations big band arrangements, Ska Jazz Messengers build sonic bridges that connect everything from Nu Soul to Anglo Pop, Brazilian Music, Soul, R&B, Funk, Afro-Venezuelan sounds and Modal Jazz to that rich and authentic sound of Traditional Jamaican Music. 

Their first single covers the iconic O’Brien brothers (Las 4 Monedas) and cements their sound with a mix of retro, modern, current and fresh, smoothly going from that memorable Spanish Soul A Go-Go sound to an elegantly addictive Ska. The versatility of this young lineup, combined with the know-how of producer and engineer Ricardo Martinez (Remoto Estudio), the arrangements of guitarist Rafael Frias, and the captivating vocals of Ruthsy Fuentes generate a peculiar sonic magic throughout the album, magic that helps make “Introspección” into a very special album.

Purchase your copy here!

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