Ska Jazz Messengers – Mil Veces No, 7″

It has been ten years since the formation of Ska Jazz Messengers; a decade of changes and metamorphosis as they follow their musical quest.  Numerous musicians and lineups have allowed the band’s roots ample time to reassess ideas that are finally coming to fruition in 2019. 

Ska Jazz Messengers may well be the sole representatives of Venezuelan Ska Jazz today; survivors of a very fruitful period for this genre in their home country.  As political and social situations made it harder for other groups to keep going and their members dispersed across the Venezuelan Diaspora, SJM have soldiered on. Even though their musical style might be considered “underground” in most countries, they’ve managed to spread their name to fans of Jamaican music across the globe, as well as expose new ears to these captivating styles.

Between 2014 and 2016 the band’s popularity exploded, in their own country, as well as abroad, thanks to their cover of Pharell William’s “Happy”, which has so far garnered almost half a million plays. This song earned them an appearance on the German compilation “Skannibal Party”, while in Venezuela they were nominated for the Pepsi Music Awards for two consecutive years.

In 2016, the band was  invited by Hakase Sun (respected session player in the Japanese Reggae/Ska/Alternative music scene since the late 80’s) to collaborate on one track for his 8th solo album. Hakase has played and recorded with a number of Jamaican and British legends, and has participated in important Japanese bands including Little Tempo, Oki Dub Ainu Band, Tsuyoshi Kawakami and His Moodmakers and Fishmans.  This collaboration has gained SJM such notoriety in the Land of the Rising Sun that they will not only have Hakase himself on their new album, but also a number of other guests from all over the world, including the bassist and wonderful producer: Victor Rice, Joey Altruda (Jump with Joey), Esteban Descalzo (fantastic Argentinan producer, sound engineer and musician), Emerson Kitamura (Mute Beat/ ASA CHANG duo and many more), Horacio Blanco (Desorden Público), Prince Fatty, and Satoru Takeshima (Ego-Wrappin’).

Ska Jazz Messengers’ debut album will be released in late 2019 on Madrid’s Liquidator Music, a label that has published some of the most relevant Reggae/Ska/Soul releases of the last twenty years.  “Introspección” leverages all the hard-work the band has put in, against all obstacles, to finally record their long-awaited debut album; twelve vibrant tracks that express the maturity and sensibilities of its members. Without looking to emulate current “retro” trends, or ostentations big band arrangements, Ska Jazz Messengers build sonic bridges that connect everything from Nu Soul to Anglo Pop, Brazilian Music, Soul, R&B, Funk, Afro-Venezuelan sounds and Modal Jazz to that rich and authentic sound of Traditional Jamaican Music. 

Their first single covers the iconic O’Brien brothers (Las 4 Monedas) and cements their sound with a mix of retro, modern, current and fresh, smoothly going from that memorable Spanish Soul A Go-Go sound to an elegantly addictive Ska. The versatility of this young lineup, combined with the know-how of producer and engineer Ricardo Martinez (Remoto Estudio), the arrangements of guitarist Rafael Frias, and the captivating vocals of Ruthsy Fuentes generate a peculiar sonic magic throughout the album, magic that helps make “Introspección” into a very special album.

Purchase your copy here!

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The Peeping Toms :: treble release at 45rpm

They are back with three new exclusive singles, now on the streets!

The Peeping Toms celebrates their 20th anniversary with a treble record release. Haven’t played live since 2007, they come back for such a special occasion like the band’s 20th jubilee, with two unique shows in Madrid and Barcelona.

Peeping Toms live
Two only shows presenting the treble release at 45rpm:
28th of June – Rock Palace (Madrid)
29th of June – Estraperlo (Barcelona)

Jaime Girgado – Guitar
Ruben Lopez – Vocals
Julio Fernández – Drums
Alberto Kiyoshi – Keys
Davit Bayés – Double bass
Agustín González Bueno – Sax
Santiago Cañada – Trombone

The Peeping Toms Are Back!!!

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The Crepitans – New now on the streets

The Crepitans were formed at the end of 2013 when Micki (Upsttemians) decided to create a group with various musicians and friends in Madrid area dedicated to the best Caribbean rhythms, a music which we all share a passion for!

This same music has influenced a lot of excellent bands on Madrid scene over the years; Ska bands, Reggae Roots bands, but perhaps there was a little space left for Rock Steady and early Reggae styles; the music we most appreciate.

Needless to say that some major influences are The Kingstonians, Desmond Dekker, The Maytals, The Ethiopians, The Tennors, Alton Ellis, Clancy Eccles and many more from this prolific era.

The band has gone through some changes – as most do in six years until now but we always continue with the same vision. All the time the passion continues, practicing and enjoying what we like most, making music!

In 2015 we released our first 7″ thanks to the help of the renowned Madrid based Liquidator Music label who have for more than 20 years been dedicated to the best vintage sounds and a love for good old fashioned analogue recording.

Now, in 2019, we release our second 7″ disk using the same recording methods! It is entitled ‘Tribulations’, four songs in slightly different styles but with the same heart. Our small tribute from Madrid to those timeless sounds of the Caribbean.

Oscar Martos recording and mixing (Greenville Records, Madrid), Esteban Descalzo mastering (Kingston Factory, Buenos Aires) and Benedicto Moya on the photos and videos complete the working team.

If you want something cool and classic at the same time ‘Tribulations’ is your EP and The Crepitans your band.

Purchase now your copy here.

A1. True Love
A2. Pick It Up Strong
B1. Tribulations
B2. Wise Man

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Le Grand Miercoles – Lone Gunman Theory, 7″

New release from the fugitive Surf-Steady foursome on 7″ with an unreleased track on the A side, that one called ‘Lone Gunman Theory’. A nervous dirty reggae with a duel under Montego Bay’s sun climax.

On the B side there is a rarity with which breaks with their instrumental only band tradition, inviting to ride to Rubén López (Malarians, Peeping Toms, Diatones, etc.) voicing, inna surf stylee, ‘Man Next Door’ (A.K.A I’ve Got To Surf Away) classic Jamaican tune from The Paragons. That’s something really new from Le Grand Miercoles.

A new challenge without losing a bit of the style and magic that forged them as real beach outlaws. Once again mixed by Mike Mariconda, who also was under the controls of the band’s previous single.

Liquidator’s stray black sheeps are making noise again. Sheriffs and county bounty hunter: new single in search and capture. Sharpen the aim!


Get your copy here.

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Ska Jazz Messengers, new single on July 5th!

Ska Jazz Messengers first single covering the iconic O’Brien brothers (Las 4 Monedas) and cementing their sound with a mix of retro, modern, current and fresh, smoothly going from that memorable Spanish Soul A Go-Go sound to an elegantly addictive Ska. The versatility of this young lineup, combined with the know-how of producer and engineer Ricardo Martinez (Remoto Estudio), the arrangements of guitarist Rafael Frias, and the captivating vocals of Ruthsy Fuentes generate a peculiar sonic magic throughout the album, magic that helps make “Introspección” into a very special album.

On the streets on July 5th!

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Mighty Megatons, new single!

The new classic-Jamaican-sounds super-band from Madrid, the Mighty Megatons, releases their debut single as a limited 7″ vinyl to 500 copies only, which is out on Liquidator Music label.

The band started playing live in 2018, we saw them backing Alpheus in Madrid, at Rototom Sunsplash, Reggaeboa festival and some other shows in the Spanish territory, but not only backing Alpheus, also playing gigs presenting their own stuff and backing other jamaicans like Roy Ellis.

With this brand new single they present two tracks: a Blue Beat and a Ska old flavored tunes, an instrumental and a vocal, that keeps the original Jamaican spirit, sound and attitude alive. This long awaited release is going to be the first one, but they plan to keep releasing new stuff periodically. Meanwhile, the band is confirming dates, they will be playing with Alpheus in Barcelona in May, also backing Roy Ellis in several cities.

Purchase your copy here!

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Roy Ellis – Almighty Ska, available on double LP, CD and download

Brand new album by the Jamaican legend Roy Ellis, also known as Mr. Symarip, as a Trojan Records artist. This new studio recording has been registered with Transilvanians backing band, they have been touring together for the last 10 years and released some other recordings with such a great result.

This new album features 12 songs that goes from Ska to Reggae and including some cover versions that Roy Ellis takes to his own territory, adapting to his style and giving these tracks quite a new dimension. Transilvanians prove to be a perfectly greased machine, contributing with a perfect rhythm section, full brass and even strings on the great ‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine’.

Roy Ellis has sold over 7.000.000 copies of his classic ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ album up to date since 1969 on Trojan Records, and still kicking. Currently is the most successful Jamaican foundational artist, since he came back to the stages in 2005, has released 8 albums in 3 different continents and played all around the world including some countries like Japan, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil and, of course, all around Europe.

His starting in the show business was leading Rhythm & Blues and Ska bands in the 60’s like The Bees, The Seven Letters, The Pyramids, etc, but the success came with Symarip in 1969 selling over 7 millions of copies with the classic ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ album for Trojan Records, introducing the Reggae sounds from UK and the rest of Europe.

Up to date he is still the artist who has sold the biggest number of records for Trojan Records, even more than others like Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff.

Transilvanians, on the other hand, is a Spanish Ska and Reggae band based in Vigo, not too prolific but with 3 albums and 5 singles under their belt, and have been backing Roy Ellis during the last ten years in Europe. They know each other quite good, are good friends, and are the perfect complement for such a star like Roy Ellis.

Almighty Ska comes wrapped in a stunning design by artist Pedro Poyatos and is available on LP, CD and digital download.

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Stranger ‘Soul’ Cole – More Life, LP

Stranger is back!

Is back with a brand new album recorded with german band The Steadytones, entitled ‘More Life’. The album features 6 new songs with the unique and particular Stranger Cole’s touch, fed by many different musical influences that makes his personal brand.

After years of backing up ‘The Originator of Reggae’ on many European stages here it is, a collaboration between Stranger Cole and the explosive Steadytones from Germany. After locking themselves in with the Grandmaster, they took 6 tracks to the studio to record the Oldschool Reggae album ‘More Life’ featuring originals, arising from the basement sessions, as well Mr. Cole’s beloved tunes from back in the day which he didn’t recorded so far! 

The ‘Soul Cole’ and the ‘Kraut-Reggae Brothers’ from Bavaria deliver a leg shaking, fresh sounding mix between Traditional 60s SKA and funky reggae, all wrapped up in the Spirit of 69 and played in a soulful manner!

Making history:

Cole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1942 and nicknamed “Stranger” by his family, as they considered that he didn’t resemble any member of his family.

Successful as a songwriter, writing ‘In And Out The Window’, which was a hit for Eric ‘Monty’ Morris. This success gave him the chance to make his recording debut in 1962, instantly finding success with singles such as ‘Rough And Tough’ and ‘When You Call My Name’ (a duet with Patsy Todd) for producer Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid. 

Further success followed with singles for Reid through to the mid-1960s, and he also worked with other producers at this time, including Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd (a duet with Ken Boothe on ‘Worlds Fair’), and Prince Buster. Further duets included recordings with Gladstone Anderson (on “Just Like a River”) and Hortense Ellis, the tendency to record duets apparently due to his shyness when it came to singing alone.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s he recorded with several producers, including Bunny Lee, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Sonia Pottinger. These included further material with Todd as ‘Stranger & Patsy’.

Purchase you copy here!

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King Hammond – 21st Century Scorchers – The ‘Skinhead album’

New album by the Ska and Reggae English legend (and also Grammy award winning) Nick Welsh, also known as King Hammond. 

Ex-member of Bad Manners, The Selecter and musician of Dave Barker, Laurel Aitken or Lee Perry, for whom he wrote the Jamaican ET album. With this brand new album Nick pays tribute to Jamaican Reggae and Rock Steady and the original Skinhead multiracial cult.

In his own words: “When I returned as King Hammond to the musical arena in 2010 it was to make music I affectionately called “21st Century Scorchers”, which was to create a modern day Skinhead Reggae with a tip of the trilby to the ‘spirit of 69’. I’ve always taken the ‘write what you know about’ school of songwriting so that basically means… me and my life!.

Although on this album it’s made up of less ‘confessional’ material and much more dance floor orientated grooves, but non the less it’s still music from the heart“.

Despite of being an album focused in a musical style one thing that the listener finds out is the variety of the music: “’Rocking On Ridley Road’ is me revisiting the East London street market, I would visit as a teenager to buy my my Reggae & Soul records back in the mid 1970’s, ‘Cuban Missile’ is my musical tribute to the late great Ska originator Laurel Aitken, and ‘Skin 2 Skin’ Well that’s what I call feather cut bedroom music for the rude boy/girl generation. I could go on and on and… but instead I suggest you just sit down and listen to ‘21st Century Scorchers’ and have yourself your own personal ‘Reggae Riot’.

The album features both instrumental and vocal tunes, from frenetic Reggae stompers written for the dancehall to sweet Rock Steady tracks. Only released on vinyl in a very special edition with ‘cut out’ cover sleeve and two different covers.

Now on the streets!
Purchase your copy here!

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Ken Boothe, new single out now!

Ken Boothe, the Studio One legend, one of the best Reggae and Soul singers ever,  well known for his distinctive vibrato and timbre, presents a brand new single along with the Argentinian musician and producer Hugo Lobo entitled ‘Master Plan’.

This 7″ vinyl features on the B side a wicked instrumental Lobo’s composition, under the title of Laba Laba Craven.

Limited edition of 500 copies, get you copy here!

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