New on El Paso Records

Two new stunning releases on El Paso Records. Liquidator scorcha presents a new release on the Western Reggae Hits series with Le Grand Miércoles, paying tribute to Enio Morricone, as well as the latest sounds coming from The Upshitters factory: Jesse-Lee Jackson & Orquesta Zion, with a brand new seven inch with two covers from Jesuschrist Superstar soundtrack covers.

You can read more about these pearls at our online store, where these gems are purchasable, until they sold out.

Le Grand Miércoles – Érase Una Vez Un Western, 7”

Jesse-Lee Jackson & Orquesta Zion – Love Him / Rudy Must Die, 7″

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Roy & Yvonne and the success of their new album

Brand new studio album by the iconic classic Jamaican artists Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison backed by the Mighty Megatons.

The album features 12 tunes from Rhythm & Blues to Ska or Rock Steady recorded live in the studio, as they used to do back in the day, analogically.

Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison were one of the first duets in the Jamaican ska and rocksteady scenes, both singing together or as solo vocalists.

They started their musical career at an early age, and after finishing school, decided to take his passion for music and the stage more seriously.

They had the chance to work with nearly all the legendary producers at that time in Jamaica such as Duke Reid, Coxsone Dood, Lynden Pottinger, Edward Seaga, Byron Lee, etc.

The last years have seen them touring all around the world and releasing some records with their old hits and brand new stuff. This new album is their best production up to date, instant hits from the first listening, time will tell.

Purchase your copy here on LP and CD.

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Glen Ricks records new stuff for Liquidator

Glen Ricks started his musical career as a member of ‘The Fabulous Flames’, who met Glen while touring Canada in 1968. The band got quite impressed with his stagecraft and musical talent. Glen emigrated to Canada from Jamaica as a child. He decided to join ‘The Fabulous Flames’ and moved back to Jamaica where they recorded their massive hit ‘Holly Holy / Kingston Town’ for producer Clancy Eccles in 1969. 

But the band split up in the 70’s, so Glen decided to start his solo career and moved to Canada, where he had a successful career as a singer, signing for CBS and catching the attention of David Clayton-Thomas from Blood, Sweat And Tears. He also spent time in soul centers like Chicago and Philadelphia, and cut a wicked R&B album ‘I Found A Love’. Late in the eighties he returned to Jamaica, establishing himself as an “in demand” singer with leading producers like King Jammy, Philip “Fatis” Burrell, Bobby “Digital” Dixon and Lloyd “Pickout” Dennis.

Glen Ricks is well known for his soulful style and musical talent. He has just recorded new Rock Steady and Soulful Reggae stuff for Liquidator Music label produced by Linval Thompson and Roberto Sánchez.

They have released a brand new 7″ single with new studio material, two killer tracks you shouldn’t miss, purchasable in this link.

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Transilvanians – Soulful Space, new LP

Transilvanians return with a brand new LP (fourth in their career) recorded at The Dub Yard in Vigo by Javi Vicalo and produced by Kino L-Cobra. 11 new songs where we can find 3 very different covers (like their own influences) and 8 own compositions.

Side A starts with ‘Curse Of Pharaoh’ instrumental reggae with psychedelic trail synths. This song is the continuation of ‘Into the Pyramid’ from their previous album (LQ074). It is followed by the first of the covers, ‘¿Como Fue?’, a classic bolero composed by Eduardo Brito and popularized by Benny Moré, inna Rocksteady style with a masterful result. Then ‘Blue Beat Train’, the title leaves no room for doubt, when it passes by your station, don’t ever miss this train.

‘Jack The Ripper’ is the typical theme where Transilvanians move very comfortably, reggae mixed with classics from literature and horror movies.

After that comes the first collaboration of the album with the Vigo singjay High Paw who puts her words and voice to ‘The Power Of Rocksteady’, pure soul from the Caribbean with one of the best current female voices on the scene.

And to bid farewell to the A-side of the album, the band performs with a brilliant melancholic instrumental Ska of a very classic cut, their little tribute to Gonzalo Villar, one of the essential figures and one of the greatest cultural agitators of Vigo’s music scene.

Side B begins with ‘Afronauts’, a martian funky reggae tribute to Edwuard Makuka and his Afronauts from Zambia who in 1964 decided to embark on their particular space race to send 12 Afronauts and 10 cats with the clear objective of competing with the two greats superpowers to conquer the Moon.

Then another cover of a great classic by the Godfather of Ska, Mr. Laurel Aitken; ‘Boogie in my Bones’.

The next tune is ‘1968’. For many, 1967 and the explosion of Rocksteady or 1969 with Early Reggae, are the best years in Jamaican music, but Transilvanians claims 1968, a year of transition where these two styles merged and when a multitude of great hits were billed. In the latest version of the album Transilvanians turns a punk-rock song around again, this time it’s the turn of ‘Is Anybody There?’ by Cock Sparrer, and with another luxury collaboration on vocals by the band’s old mate, Rubén López, who takes this great street anthem to another dimension. And to dismiss the album, they dedicate ‘The Black Mambas’, an instrumental reggae with African flavor, to the armed group of the same name formed exclusively of women that fights in South Africa against poaching, defending animals that are in danger of extinction. Honor and glory for the Black Mambas!

The album’s artwork, as usual, was carried out by the illustrator Roberto Argüelles.

400 copies on black vinyl and 100 in translucent yellow + download code, released in a luxury edition with inner sleeve printed in full color with lyrics, texts and photos.

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Ska Jazz Messengers ‘Introspección’, new LP

Ska Jazz Messengers were formed on July 2009 in Caracas city, Venezuela. At that time there was a “boom” of bands mixing Jamaican rhythms with the versatility and elegance of Jazz music. 

The band has turned up into a unique sound throughout the years being nowadays one of the most appreciated Latin American bands regarding black sounds, mixing the traditional vibes with a kind of modern and current influences.

Avaladle on classic black vinyl and yellow translucent vinyl.

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Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra, two new 45s

Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra is a raw, powerful and in your face musical experience. This massive 20-piece amalgamation of All-Star musicians is a spectacle to both watch and hear. With a horn section three times bigger than most other ska groups, WST breaks barriers and expands your imagination for what is possible. The groove is hard hitting and the melodies are both precise and dexterous.

They boast an All-Star lineup of West Coast powerhouses with members from The Aggrolites, Beastie Boys, Gogol Bordello, Hepcat, See Spot, Mobtown, Kingston 10, Joey Altruda’s Crucial Riddims, The Debonaires and many more. This group of Jamaican Jazz gunslingers is rebranding the music of yesteryear and propelling it into the future!

They are proud and excited to announce their first release in over 5 years with not one but TWO 45’s featuring all original music. The first with a fistful of reggae entitled “Tunnel Vision” and a Dub version on the B-side. The second single features two haunting traditional ska instrumentals. On the A-Side, “Unshackled” a HEAVY minor ska track and on the B-Side is an instrumental ska tune transporting you to Ancient Egypt.

NOW available for preorder! Super exclusive limited vinyl release with only 250 of each worldwide. Grab your copy here before they get snatched up!

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Top Shotta Band ‘Spread Love’, new LP

Trumpeter/engineer/producer Mush1 (formerly of The Slackers & Murphy’s Law, and currently also of Tunnel One Radio [WNYU], Al Paragus HQ / When Dance Was Nice, and Hungry March Band) is back again with what is already being labeled an instant classic, with the 10-piece Brooklyn-based Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan’s second LP, ‘Spread Love’, out now on Liquidator Music. On this LP, Mush1 returns to his musical roots and first love, foundation ska music, with a collection of all original material penned by living icon Screechy Dan and the band. 

In these times of uncertainty and rising tensions, Screechy Dan and the crew bring an uplifting, positive message through love songs, and the belief in the underlying good of humanity. 

You can check out how staying true to the sound of famed studios such as Studio 1, WIRL, and Treasure Isle, the rhythm section was recorded live all in the same room around 1 microphone to tape, giving the music an intimate and rootsy vibe. 

Spread Love also features special guest veterans of the NYC ska scene Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Maddie Ruthless (The Far East). Spread Love is also being supported by a pair of music videos (Spread Love / Cool and Deadly, and What’s On Your Mind), as well as a 7” vinyl single Spread Love / Cool and Deadly). 

We hope you enjoy what people are already calling “The greatest LP of foundation ska music ever made outside of 1960’s Jamaica!”.

You can purchase your copy here.

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Mango Wood – Stomp You Down :: out now!

After releasing three singles on vinyl during the last years and played live intensively, they present now their brand new album STOMP YOU DOWN!

Recorded 100% analogic at Brazil Studios (Madrid), the album features 13 new compositions which moves between Reggay and classic Rock Steady with infectious vocal grooves and instrumental dancehall stompers.

Mango Wood is a band from Madrid formed at the beginning of 2016 that is focused in Jamaican oldies sounds, specially from the 60’s. The line up features 6 members with more than 10 years of experience in several bands, live shows and international festivals.

The combination of the strong vocal trio with the solid instrumental section gives the band a classic and energetic characteristic sound, Mango Wood seeks his own sound with a strong personality in each of their songs. Enthusiasts of the Jamaican music golden era, Mango Wood studies, analyzes it and pays tribute in this album you are now holding in your hands.

They have a solid and great live show due to have played all over the place, doesn’t matter if it’s a small club or Rototom Sunplash ‘main stage backing The Silvertones and The Heptones.

Released on deluxe LP, CD and digital download.

Get your copy here!

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The Victory, Alpheus new album!

Alpheus and Producer Roberto Sánchez, in association with Liquidator Music, are happy to bring their brand new album to you entitled ‘The Victory’.

This Album consists of quality carefully constructed Ska, Rock Steady and Early Reggae, and is Alpheus sixth album in total and his fourth album with the talented producer Roberto Sánchez. Alpheus two preceding albums (‘Good Prevails’ and ‘Light Of Day’) are also released by Liquidator Music label.

You will hear coherent, positive and meaningful lyrics penned by Alpheus that implore unity in strength and empower, as well as stories of love. 

All compositions are original, composed by Roberto Sánchez and played to high standard by himself and his Lone Ark Riddim Force band, recorded at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio in Santander, Spain.

There’s no doubt that this talented team have made music that will stand the test of time, and this new album will be yet another ‘collectors item’.

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Jamaicat – Jamaican Sounds From Catalonia

Jamaicat is a compilation featuring 21 tracks (most of them previously unreleased) of Jamaican music at it’s most classic mood. All the bands are from Catalonia, nearly five thousand miles away from the treasure island, and fifty years after the golden age on which these bands gets the inspiration from.

Most of the bands featured have been around for quite a long time, some of them over two decades. It looks like the Jamaican grooves are now part of the Catalonian musicians DNA 

This compilation just wants to be some kind of family portrait which shows the wide musical specter born from those Oldies but Goldies tunes written back in the time in the West Indians.

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