We don’t close during August

NO, we don’t close during the summer season, we are going to stay open, both physical and through the internet, the whole month of August but the 15th that it is official holidays over here.

So, we can meet at out store at Dos Hermanas 22 on Madrid center, or though the internet.

Enjoy the summer!

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Doreen Shaffer – First Lady Of Ska, 7″

Monika Johnson, better known as Doreen Shaffer, is arguably the most active original Jamaican singer of the last 50 years. A founding member of The Skatalites since 1963, she has toured the world countless times, taking the legacy of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae music to the most remote parts of the planet, from the most underground venues to the most important festivals.

Her work at the head of The Skatalites is probably the one that will consecrate her and for which she will be remembered for centuries, however, her brief solo work, like this single which we are presenting today, endorses her as one of the best Jamaican singers of all time.

The independence of Jamaica in 1962 brought a musical creativity of which not only the island still profits today. The Steadytones, from southern Germany, recreate that golden age, making it tangible, audible and perceptible. A perfect band for backing the ‘First Lady of Ska’.

Great interpreters of the variety of styles that emerged in the 1960s, especially in Jamaica, but also in other corners of the world, The Steadytones take their “explosive reggay” sound far beyond the borders of their native Germany. Their work with renowned and influential artists as Stranger Cole, Keith & Tex or Doreen Shaffer, endorse them as one of the most appreciated bands nowadays.

The chemistry produced when Doreen met The Steadytones was registered in the studio and pressed in this single of exquisite production in which you can find two standards from the last century, taking them to their field and giving them a complete new dimension for our enjoyment, an indispensable release In the discography of any good music lover.

A. Smile
B. I Can’t Give you Anything  But Love (Baby)

Get in online!

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Keith & Tex – Same Old Story, LP/CD

Keith & Tex are Jamaican Rocksteady icons, with classics for life, such as ‘Tonight’, ‘This Is My Song’, ‘Run To The Rocks’, ‘Goodbye Baby’ and, of course, the song ‘Stop That Train’, worldwide famous tune that was featured in Jimmy Cliff’s ‘The Harder They Come’ original film sound track.

Keith Rowe and Phillip Tex Dixon, both originally from Kingston, were introduced by a common friend and soon formed a singing group which contained three other friends singing everywhere possible, trying to get the chance to record fresh material. They auditioned for the most important producers at the time in Jamaica like Duke Reid, Prince Buster and Coxsone Dodd, but were not successful as a five man group, so the group disbanded leaving the duo Keith and Tex.

They later auditioned for  Derrick Harriott who recognizing their talent, recorded the duo’s best moments on 7” by the end of the 60’s. Hits came soon: ‘Stop That Train’ (actually was a Spanishtonians original Ska track), ‘Tonight’, ‘This Is My Song’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ (a The Temptations cover) and ‘Hypnotizing Eyes’. Their Jamaican story didn’t last too long, as they stopped recording in 1970 when they both moved abroad: Keith to USA and Tex to Canada.

Keith served in the US Army, while Tex worked for the Canadian Government.  Keith continued playing the New York scene and also recorded a classic song with Lee “Scratch” Perry titled Groovy Situation. In 1994 they re-joined to play some gigs and to complete an album titled Together Again. That same year Keith started a new radio DJ career with ‘Sounds of the Caribbean’ show, an exciting adventure that lasted nineteen years until his departure for Tampa, Florida. He continues his radio career with his show ‘Reggae Rhapsody’ on Reggae King Radio, an internet radio station by VP Records. Since 2013 they have toured the world, and played some of the most prestigious Reggae/Ska festivals including North America, Europe and Asia.

2017 sees the release of new original music produced and composed by Roberto Sanchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio with this brand new album. Composed exclusively with original material, keeping the Rocksteady essence the duet was known for during the golden period from 1967 to 1969. Also included are Ska and Reggae cuts within these 11 tracks. This album proves that Keith and Tex continues their excellence and with the stunning Roberto Sanchez’s production, this new Album is a must for all serious music lovers.

Great your copy here!

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Thorpedians – Strike Back, 7″

Hailing from Barcelona they were used to be defined as a ‘Hard Reggae’ band, even their first album from 2010 released by Redstar 73 record label, was entitled ‘Maximum Hard Reggae From The Top’. After a five years hiatus they come back now with a brand new 4 track EP on vinyl with 4 hot shots of Hard Reggae From The Top.

A1 Good Time
A2 You & Me

B1 Violator Strikes Back
B2 On The Top Of My Wall


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Los Granadians – exclusive 7″ release for the Record Store Day

A very special and limited release from Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior for the Record Store Day 2017. Only 500 copies pressed.

For the first time on 7” two floor shakers previously featured in older albums. On the A side is ‘Rocksteady Birthday’, a track taken from ‘La Onda Cosmica’, it was actually the song that was shot on the album’s video clip. On the flip side there is ‘Mentirosa’, a reggae stomper featured in their 2009 album ‘Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamas’ produced by Mike Mariconda at Circo Perrotti analogue studios.

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Dr. Ring Ding meets Ska Beat City – Adorable You

Definitely out the new single by Dr. Ring Ding with Ska Beat City!

Dr. Ring Ding, the german singer and trombone player, joins forces with Ska Beat City, the band from Buenos Aires with over 10 years career deepin’ in the roots Jamaican Ska sounds, releasing this new single on vinyl.

Don’t miss your copy, you can get it at our online store.

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The Upsttemians record release party

The Upsttemians
Down But Not Out release party

Saturday 25th of February, 20:30h
Sala Caracol
C/ Bernardino Obregón, 18
28012 Madrid

+ Blank Generation Sound System

Advanced tickets: 6€
Door: 8€
Aftershow party, from 1 to 5:30am
Rock Palace
C/ Vara del Rey, 6

+ DJ Rude Yorch (Oldies But rudies)
+ DJ Jah Maik (The Upsttemians)
+ DJ Toni Face (The Liquidator)

Free entrance.

Upsttemians lo

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Keith & Tex, new 7″

Keith & Tex are nowadays a Jamaican Rocksteady icon, with classics such as ‘Tonight’, ‘This Is My Song’, ‘Run To The Rocks’, ‘Goodbye Baby’ and, of course, ‘Stop That Train’, worldwide famous tune by being featured on Jimmy Cliff’s ‘The Harder They Come’ film soundtrack.

Liquidator Music releases now new studio material produced by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio, keeping alive the Rocksteady sound the duet leaded from 1967 to 1969, and also including some Ska and Reggae tracks, proving the great moment that Keith & Tex are living right now.

Here is a special DJ advance 7″ of the long player due to be released on 2017. Warning: both tracks won’t be featured in the forthcoming album.

Side A
Goodbye Love

Side B
Back In The Day

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The Upsttemians, new anniversary album!

After 12 years of musical career,  The Upsttemians release quite a special vinyl: a double 7″ in suited in gatefold cover.

One of the most active Spanish bands nowadays, they have played as backing band for legends like Dave Barker or Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison, besides of having shared stage with mainly all the international active artists during the last decade.

Down But Not Out, is the title of this double new studio album for Liquidator Music label, the recognition for a hard work is finally on the streets!

Buy it online at our store!

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Transilvanians, new single!

For the very first time a seven inch paying tribute to the original punk rock bands from the late 70’s.

On the A side we can find an Angelic Upstart’s ‘Police Oppression’ wicked cover, wisely adapted to rocksteady rhythm, giving this punk rock classic tune a complete new dimension.

On the B side there will be ‘Gates Of The West’, a Clash anthem, and, probably, the best song ever by the London’s band, that Transilvanians takes to their own territory with a brand new sound. This track was also featured in The Clash tribute double album on which Transilvanians took part some years ago and which is completely gone nowadays.

A special DJ edition available on 7” vinyl limited to 500 copies.
Get your copy now!

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