Alpheus ‘Light Of Day’ :: New album OUT NOW

We are delighted to announce the release of Alpheus brand new album entitled ‘Light Of Day’. After the successful Roberto Sánchez produced prequels  ‘From Creation’ (2011) and ‘Good Prevails’ (2014), now in 2018 we are graced with this formidable singer-songwriter’s new album again produced by talented musician / producer Roberto Sánchez.

Fortunately, we now witness a trilogy and a new musical masterpiece consisting of 11 brand new tracks (including the recently released 7” Jeggae single ‘Just A Little’) that will no doubt stand the test of time.

This great new album is released and published by none other than the well renowned  Liquidator Music and all the tracks are original compositions. Attention to detail is very evident in every aspect of this record. The composing of the musical content by Roberto Sánchez and penmanship of Alpheus are both superb. On this brand new record you will listen and dance to songs of upliftment, positivity, everyday life related topics and love.

The Dynamic Duo have again taken their personal individual love of roots reggae music and ska, rocksteady and early reggae and combined their admiration of these genres to create a selection and mixture of special originally composed and written retro style Reggae Music for all to enjoy.

‘Light Of Day’ album will no doubt be a classic, this brand new quality music is available now, purchasable in all formats.

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Jim Murple Memorial – Stella Nova, LP+7″

Twenty-seven years separate the singer and the drummer in this multi-generational band of seven musicians. With their rare and colorful show, the Jim Murple Memorial will rock you on the timeless groove of Ska, Rocksteady, Rhythm and Blues, Calypso and Reggae.

Currently on tour in EU for the release of their new album Stella Nova, the Jim Murple Memorial is finally back! Produced entirely by the members of the group, Stella Nova is both the continuation of this beautiful journey that made the history of Jim Murple Memorial and the beginning of a new adventure.

At the age of twenty, Celia, the daughter of Nanou (original singer of the band) takes over and offers to you, with talented musicians, sixteen new songs added to an already rich repertory which made dance more than once on the vibes of a music as beautiful as intemporal.

Released on vinyl by Liquidator Music label, deluxe edition combo set of one LP and one single 7”.

Get your copy here!

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The Oldians – We Are Reggae, new album out now!

We Are Reggae. Yes, it’s true. And we are not discovering America when we say The Oldians are neither Jamaican, nor rastafarian. Despite all the Catalan band will release on February 2018 their sixth studio album, entitled ‘We are reggae’, via Liquidator Music.

After the XL collection of songs comprised in their las double LP ‘Out of The Blue’ (Liquidator Music – 2016), The Oldians are back on duty in their mission with 12 new songs, including 11 original cuts and only 1 cover song: a magnificent reggae adaptation of Jimmy Van Heusen’s ‘Here’s That Rainy Day’.

‘We are reggae’ is a new and perfect invitation to discover the amazing way this band play almost all the foundation rhythms of the Jamaican tradition (ska, rocksteady and reggae) under a smooth and jazzy mood: both solid and versatile rhythm section, great solos for all performers in the line-up and, of course, Sir J ‘The Oldian’ everything-guitar-driven and the heartbreaking vocals by Saphie Wells.

Number of songs and styles included in ‘We Are Reggae’ could be mentioned but we would rather emphasize all the musical highlights passages you will find in this album from the very first song to the last one. The album also features the mythical Jamaican percussionist Larry McDonald (Carlos Malcolm, Toots & the Maytals, Count Ossie, Gil Scott Heron, Taj Mahal…) spicing all the songs of ‘We Are Reggae’, and also Dutch saxophone player Tommy Tornado (Rude Rich & the Highnotes, The Soulsnatchers) with a huge solo on the very first track ‘Short Walk’ and Dani Lampérez (KinkyLab Allstars, The Kinky Coocoo’s, The Crabtones) adding magical hammond bubbles on six tracks.

‘We are reggae’ has been recorded as the band usually do: rhythm section recorded live at Stroika Lab (Manresa, Barcelona) and both overdubs and mixes are on charge of Javier ‘The Oldian’ Garcia at Sir J’s Home in Ripollet (Barcelona). Alex Psaroudakis has mastererd the whole lot in NYC on September 2017 and it’s Catalan acclaimed graphic designer Txarly Brown signs again the fantastic art of this fantastic album.

‘We are reggae’ is the newest gift of The Oldians to all those who have tracked the band the previous 5 albums and the sixth and yet another chance to celebrate with the band the crossroads of Jamaican stylees and jazz music that The Oldians keep on fixing with capital letters.

The Oldians:
Xavier Angulo – drums
Álvaro Taborda – double and e-bass
Eduard Fernàndez – piano
Javier ‘Sir J The Oldian’ García – guitars
Pol Omedes – trumpet and flugelhorn
Ricard Vinyets –tenor sax
Saphie Wells – vox

Get you copy online!

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Le Grand Miercoles & Friends – new single!

Surf-Steady band, Le Grand Miercoles, invites some friends and re-work on two tracks from their last album, that one entitled Ghost Cowboys, like ‘Western Standart Time’ and ‘Cowboy Fantasma’, this time with brass section and mixed by top producer Mike Mariconda.

Brass section featured in this new single is formed by well know musicians like  Tommy Tornado (sax), Sensi Simon (trumpet) and Jonas J. Sanchez (trombone).

This new 45 is limited release to 500 copies, wrapped in a beautiful design by Don Rogelio J, that makes this new disc a very special 7″ pressed on virgin 140 gram vinyl.

A. Western Standart Time
B. Cowboy Fantasma

Get your copy here!
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New releases from El Paso Records

El Paso Records attacks with two new Western Reggae Hits at 45rpm on 7″ vinyl with awesome artwork, as usual on this label’s editions.

On one hand we can find the West Kensingtons from Philadelphia (USA) offering two spaghetti western covers such as ‘Ecstasy Of Gold’ from Ennio Morricone and ‘Django’ from Luis Bacalov. Both tracks never heard before on these versions. Cover art has been designed by Jordi Duró and the back cover and labels by Txarly Brown, these tracks have become really popular, for everyone to enjoy and sing, using the best kid friendly karaoke machine which is really popular now a days.

The other release is The Upshitters from Barcelona that, this time, plays tribute to ‘For A Few Dollars More’ from Morricone and ‘C’e Sabata (aka Bootboys Go West)’ from Marcello Giombini. This gem’s cover art has been designed by, as usual, Txarly Brown, official El Paso Records designer.

Both releases are now on the streets, available in the best record stores only. Both of them are limited editions, so you better run for your copy before it’s sold out!


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Akatz – A Go Go, 2

The band Akatz, that is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, releases the second volume of the successful ‘A Go Go’ series. The first volume, nowadays out of print, had a great success of sales, and this second one looks like is going to be about the same.

‘A Go Go, 2’, as its predecessor, is released on 10″ and will feature 6 cover songs from other artists.

Get you copy here!

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The return of Glen ‘Greyhound’ Oakley

Reggae lovers are celebrating the return of Glenroy Oakley, Greyhound’s singer and leader, who was back on stage offering two unique gigs in Valencia and Madrid backed by Los Offbeaters. It was a show full of Reggae, Rocksteady, Soul and Ska including all Greyhound classics. Glenroy, who still has got the same gifted voice that took Greyhound to the UK charts by the end of the 60’s, with tunes like Moon River or the anthem Black & White, kicked asses during two nights last December.

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Hugo Lobo – Ska Is The Way, 7″ EP

After having sold over 200,000 albums with his band Dancing Mood, Hugo Lobo presents his new solo album ‘Ska Is The Way’ featuring luxury guests such as Carroll Thompson, Natty Frenchi Metsch and Publik Report.

Hugo Lobo is an Argentinian artist, recognized for being the trumpeter, producer and leader of Dancing Mood, the instrumental Ska band most representative of Latin America.

With more than 20 years of independent trajectory, Dancing Mood is the band that, with the direction of Lobo, introduces the genre within the current popular music, re-covering great classics. The quality of these Ska arrangements from Hugo leads the band to have 15 records recorded with more than 200,000 copies sold, selling events for more than 2500 people in consecutive weekly cycles.

Throughout his career, the renowned trumpet player recorded, produced and performed with international artists such as Rico Rodriguez, Winston Francis, Pauline Black, Dennis Bovell, Winston Reedy, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Gaz Mayal, Georgia Ellis, The Skatalites, Doreen Shaffer, Lynval Golding and AJ Franklyn, among others. As well as with Argentine artists like Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Mimi Maura, Los Cafres and many others of diverse genres.

It should be noted that this year was called to play the ‘London International Ska Fest’ as well as the tribute to Rico Rodriguez with his original musicians and Jerry Dammers.

Hugo Lobo, with his solo project, has managed to take his music to Paraguay, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala or Nicaragua, to name a few countries. Hugo Lobo, however, does not leave his militancy based on sharing the music, returning it to the purest underground, going through every possible corner of the planet understanding as a necessity to pay attention to independent musicians, and somehow demystify as the only point of “cultural encounter” the capitals of the countries.

This challenge gives the name to his new EP ‘Ska Is The Way’, which has international participation as Carroll Thompson in the classic tracks ‘Do not Stay Away’ and ‘Why Did You Leave Me’, Also in his own track ‘Ska Is The Way’ with the guitar of Natty Frenchi Metsch collaborating plus the Jamaican voices of Publik Report. Also featured is ‘Melody For Rico’, song dedicated to who was his master in the style and with whom he played and recorded many times, the great Rico Rodriguez.

Ska Is The Way!

Get your copy here!

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Alpheus – Just A Little / Sleeping Giant, new single out now!

Born and raised by Jamaican parents in London, England, Alpheus developed a passion for singing after seeing an old recording of Sam Cooke perform on television, and performing on local sound systems in London as a youth. His love for Ska, rocksteady and reggae developed as he was exposed to singers like John Holt, Marcia Griffiths, Don Carlos, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Michael Gordon, Keith Douglas, Thriller U, Maxi Priest, and many more great artists.

Whilst Alpheus was living in Florida, USA, In 1997, he was discovered by Tony Brevett of the famed vocal rocksteady group The Melodians. Mr.Brevett took Alpheus to the legendary Clement Dodd at his great Studio One Label in New York, where after honing his craft as a session vocalist and singing various singles, Alpheus recorded his debut album ‘Quality Time’ which was released in 1999, on some of those classic Studio One ska, rocksteady rhythms.

After Touring the USA and learning his stage performance skills with talented artists like Everton Blender and Richie Spice, Alpheus went on to sing a nice and even more contemporary reggae album with Special delivery label, ‘Everything For A Reason’ France, 2007.

Then the meeting of what we could now called the “golden duo” came to birth with music soul mate Roberto Sanchez who produced a couple of glorious singles, (7”and EP) “Two rocksteady riddims” – Dirty dozen and family rhythms.

Alpheus then progressed to sing his third critically and musically successful album entitled ‘From Creation’

produced by Roberto Sanchez for his A- Lone label (Lone Ark) in 2011. This is a superb album which consists of stunning re-creations and original composed ska and roots rocksteady music.

After performing From Creation on various renowned festivals in Europe, such as Garance, Rototom, Montreux Jazz, Reggae Sun Ska, Reggae Geel Reggae Jam , Freedom Sounds festival, Arhus Reggae Festival and many more.

In 2014 the golden duo teamed up again to make yet another quality album entitled ‘Good Prevails’ of more ska, roots rocksteady and early reggae music which was released by Liquidator Music label (Madrid). After much success with ‘Good Prevails’ album, now Alpheus and Roberto Sanchez combine their talents for a third time to make a trilogy of quality albums. So, as we await with bated breath for Alpheus highly anticipated new album produced by Roberto Sánchez, it will be preceded by this great new double AA sided Single.

Liquidator Music label releases now these two new songs entitled ‘Just A Little’ and ‘Sleeping Giant’, available in both digital and 7 inch vinyl formats.

Get your copy here!

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Soweto – Turn On The Music Again, LP & CD

‘Turn On The Music Again’ is the third full-length album by top Barcelonian band Soweto, a record composed mainly of own compositions, which they recorded just prior to their participation in the One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival in Jamaica. Wicked instrumentals and awesome vocal tunes compose the twelve songs of this brand new album that is going to be released on LP, CD and digital..

Soweto were born in 1998 in Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​with the intention of emulating their black idols, especially the Jamaican big bands of the 60s. Their main inspiration are the original artists who emerged on the Caribbean island, precursors of the rhythms that conformed Jamaican music as we know it and love it.

Soweto’s music transports you to an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1960s Jamaican dance floors, where orchestras made people thrill to jazz, ska, swing and other syncopated rhythms. The works published to date by the band are a good example of the good work under study, which always tries to record, arrange and produce as was done in the Jamaican studies of the sixties. Ska and Jamaican Rhythm and Blues are the main foundation and pillars that build the band, not forgetting Rocksteady, Reggae, Soul or Jazz.

Throughout all these years Soweto has shared stage with a good handful of original Jamaican artists, as well as accompanied as backing band, both on studio and live, to great legends of the Jamaican music like B.B. Seaton (The Gaylads), Winston Francis, Derrick Morgan, Dennis Alcapone, Rico Rodriguez and Roy Ellis. Live is where Soweto find themselves as fish in the water, their shows end up with a euphoric audience that always remains wanting more. They have played for almost all the Spanish geography and at many European venues and festivals.

Get your copy here!

Do the ska!

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