On the streets

Transilvanians – Soulful Space, new LP

Transilvanians return with a brand new LP (fourth in their career) recorded at The Dub Yard in Vigo by Javi Vicalo and produced by Kino L-Cobra. 11 new songs where we can find 3 very different covers (like their own … Continue reading

Hot news

Glen Ricks records new stuff for Liquidator

Glen Ricks started his musical career as a member of ‘The Fabulous Flames’, who met Glen while touring Canada in 1968. The band got quite impressed with his stagecraft and musical talent. Glen emigrated to Canada from Jamaica as a child. … Continue reading

Ska Jazz Messengers ‘Introspección’, new LP

Ska Jazz Messengers were formed on July 2009 in Caracas city, Venezuela. At that time there was a “boom” of bands mixing Jamaican rhythms with the versatility and elegance of Jazz music.  The band has turned up into a unique … Continue reading

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