Stomp You Down

Stomp You Down

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Mango Wood


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Stomp You Down

Mango Wood is a band from Madrid formed at the beginning of 2016 that is focused in Jamaican oldies sounds, specially from the 60’s. The line up features 6 members with more than 10 years of experience in several bands, live shows and international festivals.

The combination of the strong vocal trio with the solid instrumental section gives the band a classic and energetic characteristic sound.

In addition, Mango Wood seeks his own sound with a strong personality in each of their songs. Enthusiasts of the Jamaican music golden era, Mango Wood studies, analyzes it and pays tribute in this album you are now holding in your hands.

As the band says: "We want to thank all the people, radios, promoters and collectives that have supported us since the beginning, giving us the chance to play, attending to concerts, sharing our music or spreading our songs one way or another. Mango never stops!!!".


1. Ah Reggae
2. Fattie Me Gwan So
3. Boris The Blade
4. Stomp You Down
5. Milk & Honey
6. One And All
7. It’s Alright
8. Move It Up
9. Night Terror
10. Big Wonder
11. Let It Free
12. Wanti Wanti
13. Mango #5