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Liquidator 10! (digipack)
Liquidator 10! (digipack)
Liquidator 10! (digipack)
Liquidator 10! (digipack)

Liquidator 10! (digipack)



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Liquidator 10! (digipack)

Liquidator celebrated it’s 10th. anniversary in the musical production releasing this luxury compilation of previously unreleased and rarities. On this record are compiled the prestigious label’s international top artists at the time it was released, some of them passed away before this release and others are main names on the scene right now.

Ska, Calypso, jamaican Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Rocksteady, Bluebeat and classic 60’s Reggae are the rhythms you can find in this jewell released on double gatefold LP and digipack CD, full of great pictures and texts.

After those first 10 years of hard work the intention was to make a stop in the way and take a look back through the last decade. While compiling this record I thought that it had to have new stuff for making it attractive for the label’s fans who wouldn’t be satisfied in hearing the tunes they already know so I decided to open the vaults where I keep the old master tapes and offer a collection of rarities and previously unreleased tracks that otherwise they could probably never been released.

It is just a few years ago that Laurel Aitken passed away, he was a very important and influent artist in the label’s first days and here is a great dancefloor stomper, I wonder why I didn’t I released it as a single before!

Also you can find here some other ska and reggae fathers with previously unreleased tracks like Dave Barker and Roy Ellis, showing their unique style at their best, the same that took them to the chart’s number one in the 60’s.

Besides of the classic jamaican artists I also wanted to have in this album some of the greatest names of the international scene that have released on Liquidator in the last years, names like Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior, Jazzbo, The Peeping Toms, The Senior Allstars, Flight 404, Malarians, Skarlatines, The Kinky Coo Coo’s, etc.

Toni Face.




1. Laurel Aitken
Crazy Feeling

2. Lord Kaya
But No, No

3. The Peeping Toms
Lesley Guitar Muppet Invasion

4. Dave Barker
Midday Showdown!

5. Ohnuki Jun & Granadians
Peach Green Reggae

6. The Aggronauts
You Ask For One Good Reason

7. Ruben & The Diatones

8. Flight 404
Stop That Train

9. Los Calaveras
Hooligan Calypso Remix

10. Malarians

11. Jazzbo

12. Skarlatines
Te Quiero, Chica

13. Roy Ellis - Mr. Symarip

14. The Cabrians
Suburban Rebels

15. The Kinky Coo Coo’s
Heard It Trough the Grapevine

16. Red Soul Community
Red Soul Community @ Kinkylab

17. Ruben & Flight 404
Boeller In The Teeth

18. The Senior Allstars
Monk Patrol Dub