Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue

Liquidator Music
Oldians, the


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Out Of The Blue

Now available the fifth studio album from The Oldians entitled ‘Out of the blue’. Liquidator Music releases a luxury double LP featuring 16 new pearls from the Jamaican Jazz top band from Barcelona. There are two CD editions too, in Europe by Jimmy Jazz Records (Poland) and in Japan by P-Vine Records.

One of the Barcelonian band's highlights for this release is the incorporation of the afroamerican singer Saphie Wells.

‘Out of the blue’ in the 5th. studio album by The Oldians, composed of 16 new jewels that clearly shows why they are worldwide known by doing the crossover between the Jamaican tradition and the american jazz sounds. Leaded by guitar player, writer and producer Javier ‘Sir J’ García, this prolific septet presents their particular talent and feeling, both in the instrumental tracks (‘Red Hot’, ‘Haze-Piration’ and ‘Out Of The Blue’ lounge ska alla Oldians; as well as ‘Groovin Lazy’ inna 70’s reggae funky or ‘Cotton Clouds’, a rocksteady driven by the guitar and electric piano conversation), as in the vocal side, featuring the great singer Saphie Wells at the lead voice. Her warm feeling takes the band’s compositions to a next level, in rocksteady a reggae sounds like ‘Love Me Before I Leave’, ‘All My World’, ‘Behind You’ or the only cover in the album ‘A Man And A Woman’. Saphie, knows how to deal with high-note bpms and the ska beats that The Oldians play, like the opening track ‘Living Upside Down’, the fantastic ‘Try And Fly’ or the song featured in the music video ‘Same Old Song’.

Out Of The Blue’s gestation process has been quite similar to the predecessor albums, has been written, composed, arranged and produced by the band’s guitar player and leader, Javier ‘Sir J’ García at KinkyLab Studios. The band recorded live all the tracks at Stroika in Manresa town (Barcelona) and the mastering has been done, as a tradition, by Alex Psaroudakis.

‘Out Of The Blue’ is released on double vinyl LP by Liquidator Music and on CD in Europe by Jimmy Jazz Records (Poland) and in Japan by P-Vine Records, all the editions comes wrapped in a gorgeous artwork which is Barcelona's top artist Txarly Brown’s fault.


A1. Living Upside Down
A2. Red Hot Pursuit
A3. Same Old Song
A4. Cotton Clouds

B1. Out Of The Blue
B2. Love Me Before I Leave
B3. Groovin Lazy
B4. Try And Fly

C1. A Man And A Woman
C2. Vikings From The East
C3. Behind You
C4. Song For Rico

D1. Haze-Piration
D2. All My World
D3. I Am What I Am
D4. Your Smile