This Same Old Life

This Same Old Life

Mighty Ruler ‎/ Reggae Fever
Roy Panton


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This Same Old Life

A. Roy Panton - This Same Old Life 
B. Blake Tone All Stars - Same Version 

Produced by Harry Johnson.
1970 recordings.
Roy Panton: "I sang double on that song and Blake harmonize me. You know what, Jackie Brown was supposed to help with the harmony but he had problems getting the notes so Blake ask me to harmonize myself and he sing the 3rd harmony. We also recorded 'Silhouettes On The Shade' before Dennis Brown did his version, but Harry J. never released it. Now I know why. Blake was, if I remember, a insurance salesman, or a office clerk. We recorded that song at Randy's Studio about 1970-71. That was the last time I recorded in a studio in Jamaica. Matter a fact Bob & The Wailers recorded that same night at Randy’s".