Engine 54

Engine 54


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Ethiopians, the


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Engine 54
The beloved harmony Jamaican group The Ethiopians released their debut album Engine 54 in 1968. Train imagery is the main focus on the album, with excellent falsettos and consistent music from the prime of the rock steady period. "Train to Skaville" is the hit classic which appeared on this specific album. It made an huge impact overseas and it brought the group their first tour in the UK.

The Ethiopians was one of Jamaica's most popular bands during the late ska, rocksteady and early reggae periods. The band was founded by Leonard Dillon, Stephen Taylor and Aston Morrison.


A1.  Engine 54 
A2.  My Love 
A3.  You Got The Dough 
A4.  Train To Skaville 
A5.  Give Me Your Love 

B1.  Train To Glory 
B2.  Long Time Now 
B3.  Woman's World 
B4.  Unchanged Love 
B5.  Come On Now