Zhengzheng Rikang

: Can
: LP
: Norvenich Records


Artículo nuevo

13,00 €


Limited edition of demos recorded at Schloß Nörvenich between 1968 and 69, following the release of Delay 1968. In fact, different versions of half of the songs have been previously released, these songs are just different takes, unaltered recordings for studio releases and a few bonus unreleased songs (see: Greyhound Greyhounds and Melting Away).  

No label or further information is contained within the art or on the album itself; whatever cutout carving was etched in was gutted from the vinyl. Apparently released 2006, number of copies pressed unknown. 


A1  Father Cannot Yell 
A2  Pnoom(h) 1 
A3  Little Star Of Bethlehem 
A4  Melting Away 

B1  (My) Connection 
B2  She Brings The Rain 
B3 .1 Outside My Door 
B3 .2 Pnoom(h) 2 
B3 .3 Greyhounds Greyhound