Mr Perry I Presume

: Lee Perry as The Upsetter
: 2xLP
: Pressure Sounds


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Sixteen lovingly restored nuggets of Upsetters Black Ark magic. Saving the world with music Scratch embarked on seemingly never ending conveyor belt of rhythmic mayhem. This set picks up the baton and runs off screaming into the sunset!! 
The brilliance of 'Words' by the The Gatherers is stripped bare for all to hear. Accapellas, dub plates, a few overlooked gems and photos by Nathalie Delon. What more do you want for a tenner!!


A1.   George Faith - Don't Be Afraid (12" Mix) - 
A2.   The Gatherers - Word (Acapella Mix) - 
A3.   Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Jah I - 
A4.   Joy White - Lay Besides You - 

B1.   The Upsetters - Big Bird Skank - 
B2.   Noel Robinson - Along The Way - 
B3.   The Upsetters - Along The Way (Version) - 
B4.   The Upsetters - War And Peace - 

C1.   The Upsetters - Sun Is Shining (Dubplate Mix) - 
C2.   Peter & Paul - Ethiopia Land (Unreleased Mix) - 
C3.   Keith Rowe & The Upsetters - Groovy Situations - 
C4.   Susan & Bunny - Keep On Trying - 

D1.   The Upsetters - Police And Dub (Unreleased Mix) - 
D2.   Keith Rowe & The Upsetters - Living My Life (Unreleased Mix) - 
D3.   The Upsetters - Devils Dub Plate (Unreleased Mix) - 
D4.   Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters - Keep On Moving