Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass
Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass
Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass
Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass

Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass

BS 003


Banda Ska
No 1 Station / The Drastics
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Friday Night / Here Comes The Bass

The first vinyl released by BandaSka Records in 2014 is a split again. It's a continuation of the idea to release some tracks which were recorded and released on CD (as a part of regular album) in the past but they have never been released on vinyl till now! We want to make available these tracks to all DJs who are loyal to traditional presentation of this great music.

The A side is devoted to the ska band from London - No 1 Station. The band leader is Marcus Downbeat who has been working with Lee Perry and who has been the member of The Upsetters. No 1 Station is one of the few bands which released several vinyl singles by legendary Blue Beat Records. Their track “Friday Night” is a great hit in our opinion due to vocals Ms. Moretti and MC Boss.

The B side is devoted to The Drastics band from Chicago. The Drastics call  themselves as a roots dub reggae band. Their music is spiced up with the other styles, such as hip-hop, afrobeat, dancehall etc. The Drastics were formed in 2003, so they are not some beginners. We can find the members of popular ska heroes the Deal’s Gone Bad in their line-up. The band started to work with singers such as King Django, Dr. Ring Ding and many others, though it was originally  only instrumental project. The track "Here Comes The Bass" is special by its ska riddim (Earl Warren) and special is also the guest MC Zulu who gave to the track new dimension with his dancehall text.



Side A
No 1 Station feat. Ms. Moretti and MC Boss - Friday Night

Side B
The Drastics & MC Zulu - Here Comes The Bass