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A Cure For What Ales You

: Skoidats, the
: LP
: V.O.R.

V.O.R. LP 218

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Late great Ska/Oi! band from Montana - their second and unfortunately their last album!


A1     The Ballad Of Breckenridge    
A2     Too Long    
A3     Jeckyll Vs. Hyde    
A4     The Tempest    
A5     Oi (When The Rain Come...)    
A6     Apathy    
A7     Free Consultation    

B1     R'aggro    
B2     Skinhead Revolt    
B3     Lines On Ale    
B4     Night Of The Droogs    
B5     Patriot Decay    
B6     Happy Drunk    
B7     Back To Work    
B8     We Will Never Stop    
B9     Running Riot (Live In Amsterdam)    

Bass – Chuck Fuller
Drums – Gardner Dunn
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Justin Dillavou
Saxophone, Vocals – John Chapman
Trombone, Vocals – John Knight