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Reggae Hit The Town / This Life Makes Me Wonder

: Ethiopians / Delroy Wilson
: 7"
: Spade Records / Reggae Fever


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Ranny "Bop" Williams produced several songs with the Ethiopians. The story goes that there was supposed to be a recording session financed by Harry Robinson, but when Robinson and Ranny had a fight about a young lad named Gregory Isaacs, Robinson left and didn't show up the rest of the day. The musicians agreed to do the session for Ranny, who recorded more than 15 songs with various singers. The B-side is a song that Ranny Williams not only produced, but wrote as well. The acclaim Delroy Wilson got for this great tune is partly due Ranny Williams.
Originally released in 1968

A.   Ethiopians - Reggae Hit the Town
B.   Delroy Wilson - This Life Makes Me Wonder