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A Days Detention / Liberty Rock

: Oswald Nethersole & Hippy Boys / Teddy Phipps & Hippy Boys
: 7"
: Hot Shot / Reggae Fever


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A. A Days Detention
B. Liberty Rock

1971 recordings
Liberty Rock mis-credited to 'Great Aces' as for 1972 UK release 'Fab' FAB 200.
The riddim track was laid down by the Hippy Boys: Carlie Barrett, Ranny Bop Williams, Jackson Jones, Bobby Kalphat, produced by Lloyd Deslandes. Teddy Phipps (aka Jah T), brother of Winston ‘Buttercup' Scotland did record just two songs for Lloyd Deslandes. Lloydie later sold the riddim tape to Scratch for $50. Teddy Phipps was murdered many years ago. 'Liberty Rock' was released in the UK on the FAB label and there credited to the Great Aces. When we found out about the wrong credits, our labels were already printed.