Mento, Not Calypso! The Original Sound Of Jamaica

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Mento, Not Calypso! The Original Sound Of Jamaica

Though often erroneously regarded as simply a variation of Calypso, Jamaican Mento is a distinct musical style that developed independently from its similarly styled Trinidadian cousin. The genre remained Jamaica s most popular form of indigenous music from the post war years up until the development of Shuffle Blues and its immediate successor, Ska, in the early sixties. Its roots can be traced to both African and European musical traditions, with its rhythmic structure and lyrical content (generally focusing on current news and carnal relations) having a profound influence upon the subsequent development of Reggae. The distinctive sound produced by early exponents of the style was a result of the combination of vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, hand percussion and a rumba box, all frequently enhanced by homemade saxophone, clarinet or bamboo flute. 

Mento, Not Calypso! features some of the earliest recordings in the genre, dubbed directly from the original Jamaican 78s, with many featuring on CD for the first time. Compiled by Mento aficionado, Mike Murphy, the 2CD set is unquestionably the most definitive collection of the style yet to see issue and as such will appeal to those seeking to discover the origins of modern Jamaican music as well as the less discerning buyer simply wishing to enhance their summer barbecue! Mento, Not Calypso! is the latest instalment in Fantastic Voyage s exploration of the origins of reggae, and follows on from the release of two highly successful compilations of the US Shuffle Blues, which was so influential on Jamaican musicians, and Youths Boogie, which compiles Jamaican R&B and early Ska.


1-1.   Sir Horace & His Merry Knights - Mambo Jamaica
1-2.   The Tower Islanders - The Brown Skin Gal
1-3.   The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians - Red Head
1-4.   The George Moxey Quartet - Montego Calypso
1-5a.    - Mango Walk.   
1-5b.    - Give Me Back Me Shilling.   
1-5c.    - Mr Partney.   
1-5d.    - Sweetie Charlie.   
1-6.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Mary's Lamb/The More We Are Together
1-7.   Count Lasher & Charlie Binger's Six - Calabash
1-8.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Wheel And Turn Me
1-9.   Chin's Calypso Sextet - Give Her Love
1-10.   The Wigglers - Limbo
1-11.   The Denzil Laing Trio - Not Me
1-12.   The Mighty Panther With The Jamaican Calypsonians - The Talking Parrot
1-13.   Baba Motta & His Orchestra - Kitch
1-14.   Calypso Quintet - Penny-Reel1-15.   Dan Williams & His Orchestra - Calypso Whai Whai Whai
1-16.   Lord Tickler, The Jamaican Calypsonians - Green Guava
1-17.   The Ticklers - Hard Hearted Lover
1-18.   George Moxey & His Calypso Quintet - The Ole Man's Drive
1-19.   Local Calypso Quintet - Honeymoon
1-20.   The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians - Hold 'Im Joe
1-21.   The Tower Islanders - Advice To Men
1-22.   Dan Williams & His Orchestra - Transportation Kingston Style
1-23.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Donkey City
1-24.   Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Take Her To Jamaica
1-25.   Count Lasher & His Calypsonians - Calypso Cha Cha Cha
1-26.   Lord Power & His Calypsonians - Mambo La-La

2-1.   Sir Horace & His Merry Knights - Morgan's Mento
2-2.   Lord Power & His Calypsonians - Special Amber Calypso
2-3.   Lord Tickler With The Jamaican Calypsonians - Limbo
2-4.   Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Brown Skin Gal
2-5.   Reynolds Calypso Clippers - Solus Market
2-6.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Etheopia
2-7.   Chin's Calypso Sextet - Industrial Fair
2-8.   Count Lasher's Calypso Quintet - Dalvey Gal/Parson
2-9.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Miss Goosie (Medley)
2-10.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Mattie Rag/Brown Skin Gal
2-11.   The Ticklers - Parish Gal
2-12.   The Mighty Panther With The Jamaican Calypsonians - Cinemascope
2-13.   The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians - Back To Back, Belly To Belly
2-14.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Miss Daisy/Brown Skin Girl
2-15.   Count Lasher's Calypso Quintet - Trek To England
2-16.   Cobra Man With George Moxey & His Calypso Quintet - My Brother Calamity
2-17.   Chin's Calypso Sextet - Adam And Eve
2-18.   The Denzil Laing Trio - Mary Ann/Brownskin Gal
2-19.   Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Perseverance
2-20.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Ugly Woman
2-21.   The Jamaican Calypsonians - Run Mongoose/Linstead Market
2-22.   Count Lasher's Calypso Quintet - Water The Garden
2-23.   The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians - Bloodshot Eyes
2-24.   Local Calypso Quintet - Money Is King
2-25.   The Tower Islanders - Hold 'Im Joe


Transferred recordings from the original shellac (and in some cases vinyl).