Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae
 Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae
 Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae
 Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae

Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae

Trojan Records
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Trojan Presents: Boss Reggae


1-1     –The Ethiopians     Reggae Hit The Town    
1-2     –The Upsetters     A Live Injection    
1-3     –Rudy Mills     John Jones    
1-4     –Derrick Morgan     River To The Back    
1-5     –Justin Hinds & The Dominoes     Drink Milk    
1-6     –Roland Russell     Rhythm Hips    
1-7     –The Kingstonians     Sufferer    
1-8     –Lester Sterling     Reggae In The Wind    
1-9     –Dobby Dobson     Strange    
1-10     –Winston Shand & The Sheiks     Throw Me Corn    
1-11     –Pat Kelly     How Long    
1-12     –The Versatiles     Worries (A Yard)    
1-13     –Glen Adams     Rich In Love    
1-14     –Slim Smith     On Broadway    
1-15     –Phyllis Dillon     Love Was All I Had    
1-16     –Richard Ace     Hang' Em High    
1-17     –The Maytones     Loving Reggae    
1-18     –The Bleechers     Come Into My Parlour    
1-19     –Martin 'Jimmy' Riley     Walking Proud    
1-20     –Tommy McCook & The Supersonics     Liquidator   

2-1     –Derrick Morgan     Moon Hop    
2-2     –Tony Tribe & Boy Friday     Red, Red Wine (Ext'd Version)    
2-3     –Sprong & The Nyah Shuffle     Moon Walk    
2-4     –Dandy     Reggae In Your Jeggae    
2-5     –The Big L     Music Box    
2-6     –Owen Gray     Too Experienced    
2-7     –Sir Collins & The Black Diamonds     Black Panther    
2-8     –George Lee     Jungle Fever    
2-9     –The Rudies     Rocco    
2-10     –Millie     My Love And I    
2-11     –Patsy & Peggy & The Cimarons     Dog Your Woman    
2.12     –Musical Doctors     Ghost Rider    
2-13     –Nat Cole     Pack Of Cards    
2-14     –The Prophets     Revenge Of Eastwood, Versions 1 & 2    
2-15     –Desmond Riley     Lead Them    
2-16     –Don Drummond Jr.     Memory Of Don Drummond    
2-17     –The Coloured Raisons     No More Heartaches    
2-18     –Gene Rondo     Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye    
2-19     –Lloyd & Claudette      Queen Of The World    
2-20     –Pama Dice     Leave Pum Pum