Double Barrel

: Dave & Ansel Collins
: LP
: Trojan Records / Music On Vinyl


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180 gram audiophile vinyl 
50th anniversary edition
Includes the hits “Double Barrel”, “I The Third”, “Monkey Spanner Version”
Limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies
Orange coloured vinyl

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Jamaican reggae duo Dave and Ansel Collins recorded and released their reggae debut album Double Barrel in 1971. The single “Double Barrel” topped the UK and Jamaican charts and the follow-up “Monkey Spanner” also enjoyed international success. “Double Barrel” was sampled by hip hop artist Special Ed and two of Dave Barker's introductory exclamations (“Don't watch that, watch this!” from “Funky Funky Reggae” and “This is the heavy, heavy monster sound!” from “Monkey Spanner”) were quoted by vocalist Chas Smash, in the introduction to the Madness single, “One Step Beyond”. All of the songs on the album were written and produced by Jamaican heavyweight Winston Riley and it was the first record that legendary drummer and percussionist Sly Dunbar played on. Shortly after the Double Barrel release Dave and Ansel split-up.

The 50th anniversary edition of Double Barrel is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on orange coloured vinyl.


A1.   Double Barrel.   
A2.   Wild Bunch.   
A3.   Elfrego Bacca.   
A4.   Monkey Spanner Version.   
A5.   My Best Girl.   
A6.   Secret Weapon.   

B1.   I The Third.   
B2.   That Girl.   
B3.   Impossible Mission.   
B4.   Ten To One.   
B5.   I Can Count The Days.   
B6.   Two For One