ABC Rocksteady

: Roland Alphonso With The Originals Orchestra
: LP
: Dub Store Records


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Rare and seriously sought after instrumental album of Gay Feet rocksteady hits from 1968.

Eleven elegant instrumental tracks, and one female vocal, showcasing the tenor sax artistry of master musician Roland Alphonso, ably assisted by Aubrey Adams on organ and the inestimable Lynn Taitt on guitar, interpreting a selection of Mrs Pottinger’s most memorable hits of the era.
A1 A.B.C. Rocksteady
A2 That's Life
A3 Say You
A4 Sad Song
A5 Easy Rock
A6 Hip Hug Her

B1 Starlight
B2 Wild And Free
B3 Little Nut Tree
B4 Top Line
B5 Narata
B6 Pure Soul
Produced by Sonia Pottinger.