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I'm Sorry (Can I Please Come Home)

: Joe Kane And The Privates Hammond Orchestra
: 7"
: Record Kicks

RK45 032

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In collaboration with the Scottish Starla Records Record Kicks presents The Privates Hammond Orchestra, a new explosive organ trio who made up the backbone of Scottish R&B/funk luminaries The Boogaloo Investigators and The Five Aces. Choosing a more direct and raw sound the threesome is now specialising in R&B, Beat Instrumentals and Soul. On their first single The Orchestra, along with noble bass-maestro Richard Anderson, were drafted in by Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter extraordinaire Joe Kane for backup. The result is this R&b/mod stormer "I’m Sorry (Can I Please Come Home)". Joe is a unique talent with a raft of solo and group projects under his own name and as member of The Owsley Sunshine with whom he recorded three acclaimed albums. On the flipside “The Battle of Yoker” a grinding titty shaker winner. Grooooovy!!!


A.   I'm Sorry (Can I Please Come Home)
B.   The Battle Of Yoker