Psycheground/Polymeri (Afro-Utopia Version) Ver más grande

Psycheground/Polymeri (Afro-Utopia Version)

: Calibro 35
: 7"
: Record Kicks

RK45 074

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Psycheground is the new single from the Italian cinematic funk cult combo Calibro 35 available on a super limited 45 vinyl and digital download on May 04. Taken from their heavily acclaimed new album DECADE, Psycheground is an afro-funk stormer that sounds like Tony Allen involved in writing a score for a vintage Hollywood production. The new single is flipped by an alternative and hypnotic afro/tropical version of Polymeri. Don't sleep on it, all Calibro 35's previous 45s went sold out in a few days!


A.   Psycheground 03:04
B.   Polymeri (Afro-Utopia Version)