April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger!
Teach Me Tiger!
April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger!
Teach Me Tiger!

Teach Me Tiger!

April Stevens
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Teach Me Tiger!

One of the sexiest voices of the 50s, April Stevens’ hit “Teach Me Tiger” (often erroneously accredited to Marilyn Monroe) caused a minor uproar due to his sexual suggestiveness when it first came out on the Imperial label in 1959, and consequently did not receive airplay on many radio stations, reaching only no. 86 in the Billboard charts even though his fan-base had been ever-growing since her first big seller “I’m In Love Again” came out on RCA Victor in 1951. Described as the “girl with the pin-up voice”, or “the intimate miss with the musical kiss”, this is her one and only, full-length album, in which, backed by famous arranger and composer Henry Rene, April introduces a new frontier in sexy-singing. As one of her many fan letters would explain: “Other vocalists sing, but you actually talk to a guy and boy, the things you say!”


A1.   Do It Again        
A2.   Teach Me Teacher        
A3.   I Want A Lip        
A4.   In Other Words        
A5.   I Get Ideas        
A6.   Talk To Me        

B1.   I'm In Love Again        
B2.   That's My Name        
B3.   I'm Making Believe        
B4.   I'll Wait For Your Love        
B5.   It Can't Be Wrong        
B6.   When My Baby Smiles