(Mango Wood + The Mosquito Bite + Liquidator) x Tarantino BSO = TNT


Musical arithmetic sometimes offers us curious things, without thinking about it, sometimes spontaneous boils appear and questions arise such as: What would happen if we put in reggae rhythm the songs that play in the soundtrack in Tarantino’s films?

For these kind of, supposedly, useless questions, brilliant answers sometimes appear, and this is partly what the aforementioned musical arithmetic has achieved:

(Mango Wood + The Mosquito Bite + Liquidator) x Tarantino soundtrack = TNT

The result is a DOUBLE A-SIDED 7” where, on one hand, we have Mango Wood doing a spectacular cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Never Can Tell’, passed through a Symarip filter, but with vocal harmonies worthy of Kingstonians. On the flip side, The Moskito Bite take a chance on ‘Down In Mexico’ by The Coasters, with a heavy Jamaican rhythm “in the late 1970s” and with a guitar that jumps vivaciously while blending perfectly with the vocals.

You can have all this in hand directly from the headquarters of Liquidator, your musical administrator!

Purchasable here.

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