Kitty Kitty, Alpheus new single


An excellent, brand new single entitled ”Kitty Kitty”.

A great uptempo ‘SKA’ track produced by Roberto Sánchez, authentically constructed traditional style is made with precision, and has a delightful retro ‘Doo-Wop’ feeling all around, accompanied with an excellent Instrumental on the flip side, with ‘Viti Sanchez’ playing a superb saxophone solo through out the entire track.

About the artist:
The Legendary Clement S. Dodd, the owner of world renowned Studio One Records from Jamaica, produced and schooled ‘Alpheus’.

After recording his debut album ‘Quality Time’ at Studio One in 1997-98, Alpheus discography has amassed too many singles and a total of seven superb Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae albums over a 26-year career, including his great new album, soon to be released via Liquidator Music, a label dedicated to the early sounds of Jamaican music.

Five of these albums (including the upcoming new album) are quality music produced authentically by a genius that is ‘Roberto Sánchez’. This next new album will be the fourth Alpheus album released by Liquidator Music and his fifth album in collaboration with producer and musician, ‘Roberto Sánchez’.

Alpheus has taken his quality, energetic performance on stages in many parts of the world for 26 years, including most of the principal festivals and events in Europe including Rototom Sunsplash, Reggae Geel, Montreux Jazz Festival, Garance, Freedom Sounds Festival, Blamm Blamm Festival, London International Ska, Skalloween (Scotland) and many more, that is just to name a few, and there is no doubt he will be doing the same again, adding recent great new music.

Purchasable here.

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