The Cabrians, prepared for mayhem


The Cabrians presents two new tunes recorded in studio. 8 years has passed since their last album,

If you have ever seen The Cabrians playing live, you could notice that they like to cover songs that has not much to do with Jamaican music.

After over 20 years playing actively and releasing a fistful of records, this Barcelonian band has come into an internal schism, in which a faction is pushing to reconvert the band into a Punk act (The Cabrones) while the other faction defends a supposed stylistic orthodoxy by playing original Ska music.

The solution to this trouble was suggested by Toni Face (Liquidator Music), trying to calm the group’s spirits, was recording this seven inch in which they cover two Punk Rock classics, passed through the Caribbean filter, executed into a groovy Ska rhythm.

Two tunes that The Cabrians have been playing all over the place for years. On one side ‘Anarchy In The UK’ by the Sex Pistols and, while in the flip side, ‘Ace Of Spades’ from Motorhëad. Two songs known by nearly anyone, now in a Jamaican version, with a careful graphic design including inner poster.


Purchase your copy here.

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