Hugo Lobo

After having sold over 200,000 albums with his band Dancing Mood, Hugo Lobo presents his new solo album ‘Ska Is The Way’ featuring luxury guests such as Carroll Thompson, Natty Frenchi Metsch and Publik Report.

Hugo Lobo is an Argentinian artist, recognized for being the trumpeter, producer and leader of Dancing Mood, the instrumental Ska band most representative of Latin America.

With more than 20 years of independent trajectory, Dancing Mood is the band that, with the direction of Lobo, introduces the genre within the current popular music, re-covering great classics. The quality of these Ska arrangements from Hugo leads the band to have 15 records recorded with more than 200,000 copies sold, selling events for more than 2500 people in consecutive weekly cycles.

Throughout his career, the renowned trumpet player recorded, produced and performed with international artists such as Rico Rodriguez, Winston Francis, Pauline Black, Dennis Bovell, Winston Reedy, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Gaz Mayal, Georgia Ellis, The Skatalites, Doreen Shaffer, Lynval Golding and AJ Franklyn, among others. As well as with Argentine artists like Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Mimi Maura, Los Cafres and many others of diverse genres.

Hugo Lobo, with his solo project, has managed to take his music to Paraguay, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala or Nicaragua, to name a few countries. Hugo Lobo, however, does not leave his militancy based on sharing the music, returning it to the purest underground, going through every possible corner of the planet understanding as a necessity to pay attention to independent musicians, and somehow demystify as the only point of “cultural encounter” the capitals of the countries.

Hugo Lobo releases on Liquidator

Hugo Lobo

Master Plan

7" , 2018

Hugo Lobo

Ska Is The Way

7" , 2017