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Mighty Megatons


Mighty Megatons is a band dedicated to Jamaican music with an old school taste.

Formed in 2018, based in Madrid, the band members are well known in the Reggae/Ska scene by having taken part in other projects.

With just 4 years of activity, two of them during the pandemic, they have backed live or recorded in the studio with artists such as Alpheus, Roy & Yvonne, George Dekker, Keith & Tex, Carrol Thompson or Roy Ellis, besides of collaborating with toasters and MCs from the UK’s Sound System scene like Gladdy Wax, Champian and Constant Jammin’.

They are already recording a new album for a classic Jamaican artist while are expecting for the release of three new singles that are already at the pressing plant. One of these upcoming releases will be  ‘Gengis Khan / Never Too Old’, their second single, after the celebrated ‘Atomic Bomb’ (Liquidator Music, 2019).

2022 has been the turn back to the live shows backing artists like Alpheus, Roy Ellis and Natty Bo.

Mighty Megatons, the rhythm locomotive, will stop soon in your town. Do not miss it!

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