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The Cabrians

They left Mataró city riding through the dangerous far west mountains and now
are coming back with a shack full of new adventures with Ska, Calypso and
Western Reggae rhythms. For A Few Pussies More shows the far west’s
wildest side: executed sheriffs, drunken duels and red hot Can Can dancers
selling their bodies for an old whiskey bottle.

Mario Cabretti’s band, closely pursued by the Federals and hidden in the
border town of Chihuahua, recorded this new album along with other wanted
men such as Rubén Lópes Warrior (Black Up/Malarians/Peeping Toms, etc.),
Ricard Vinyets (Amusic Skazz Band), Giorgio (Boss-Sounds); and other

Like a good liquor every good thing needs to take its time, so The
Cabrians have been distilling their second studio album for an entire
year. These outlaws are starting to ride strong with FOR A FEW PUSSIES

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