Lone Gunman Theory
Lone Gunman Theory
Lone Gunman Theory
Lone Gunman Theory

Lone Gunman Theory

Liquidator Music
Grand Miercoles, le


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Lone Gunman Theory

New release from the fugitive Surf-Steady foursome on 7" with an unreleased track on the A side, that one called ‘Lone Gunman Theory’. A nervous dirty reggae with a duel under Montego Bay's sun climax.

On the B side there is a rarity with which breaks with their instrumental only band tradition, inviting to ride to Rubén López (Malarians, Peeping Toms, Diatones, etc.) voicing, inna surf stylee, ‘Man Next Door’ (A.K.A I’ve Got To Surf Away) classic Jamaican tune from The Paragons. That's something really new from Le Grand Miercoles.

A new challenge without losing a bit of the style and magic that forged them as real beach outlaws. Once again mixed by Mike Mariconda, who also was under the controls of the band's previous single.

Liquidator's stray black sheeps are making noise again. Sheriffs and county bounty hunter: new single in search and capture. Sharpen the aim!



A.  Lone Gunman Theory
B.   Man Next Door