Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces
Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces
Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces
Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces

Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces

Mount Grove
Janet Kumah / Caz


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Let Me Talk About It / 15 Ounces

Janet Kumah: Let Me Talk About It

We met Janet for the first time in London in 2006. Her impressive, direct and full of strength voice captivated us. We formed a band called 'The Delegators', which was playing together for several years before we took different paths. Ever since, we’ve known that Janet is a lonely rough diamond in England’s capital, whose destiny is to be discovered by a headhunter. Janet lives between two worlds: film and music. Janet’s strong willingness has brought her to the big screens in 2015. She has taken place in several movies such as “Smeagol, the Seagull”, “Containment” or “Alan”. Janet has shown her enormous talent at both, film and music. Her passion for Jamaican music made that Janet was able to find the perfect and subtle melodies to send such a great message on the track “Let me talk about it”. This is the opening track of the first record of MountGrove family.

Caz: 15 Ounces

For more than a decade, Caz has been touring all over USA sharing her talent among a broad range of public and black music lovers.

Nowadays, Caz is still part of Black music history in the USA capital. Her career is extremely extensive. She has worked closely with great artists as lead singer and composer. Ska, rocksteady, reggae and soul are the styles she feels more comfortable with. Her singular voice is sweet and effortless but piercing and straightforward.

A. Janet Kumah - Let Me Talk About It
B. Caz - 15 Ounces