Big Shot
Big Shot
Big Shot
Big Shot

Big Shot

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Soul Radics


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Big Shot

Coming off a successful European tour, Soul Radics spent much of 2014 holed up in a Nashville studio, writing and recording the follow up to their debut record. True to their form, 'Big Shot' features an eclectic mix of upbeat ska and blue beat, as well as the 'roots to stomp your boots' reggae riddims of Jamaica. 

"We definitely experimented a lot on this record. We went for new sounds, tried things we didn't get to try on the last record. We used different mic techniques, different amp combinations. Dedicated an entire session just to percussion. And in that respect, I think this album sounds completely different from our last one". 

Upbeat tunes like 'One Time', 'No Fool' and the boogie woogie influenced 'My Baby's Mine' push to take control, while the thoughtful rocksteady grooves of 'Really a Mess' and the boomin reggae sounds of 'Mash Dem All' risk to lose it all. "We haven't limited ourselves to any particular era of reggae. We'll listen to music and say to ourselves 'we don't have a song that sounds like that' and then we'll write one. We like that there's something for everybody".

With 11 compelling new songs, Soul Radics sophomore attempt is indeed a big shot follow up.


1.     Walk Your Own Line     
2.     Chance To Be With You     
3.     One Time     
4.     Really A Mess     
5.     Stay     
6.     No Fool     
7.     Banzai     
8.     I Wanna Know     
9.     My Baby's Mine
10.     Mash Dem All     
11.     Thread