Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top
Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top
Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top
Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top

Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top

Mount Grove
Ken Boothe / Alpha Boys School


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Memories from Last Night / Alpha On The Top

Ken Boothe 'Memories From Last Night'

Ken Boothe is simply one of the greatest vocalists of Jamaican history. The song was created with his deep and soulful voice in mind, so when he listened to it he quickly made it his own.

The song was recorded in Ken Boothe’s private studio, in his home in Kingston, Jamaica. Our mastermind Teddy Garcia created a song in Ken’s style, hoping our idol could sing it one day. A few months and many phone calls afterwards, here we were in Jamaica meeting the legend that made us move with his songs since we were kids in his very home. His performance was simply brilliant. He only listened to the riddim a couple times and started to make our song his own.

Alpha Boys School “Alpha On The Top”

Alpha Boys School provides Jamaican youth in need with food, shelter, medical care and education so they can make a living. Notable alumni include Don Drummond and many Skatalites founding members, Yellowman, Horsemouth Wallace, Rico and many others.

As Jamaican music enthusiasts we always admired Alpha Boys' noble cause. We wanted give students the opportunity to step up in their career by being part of a professional record. Three students stepped in and created horns solos for the track. Although our original idea was to select one, we decided to take all three students to the legendary Tuff Gong studios. We thought all of them have done an excellent job and could benefit from visiting a professional studio. They really enjoyed the experience, and although at the beginning they were a bit shy and nervous, soon their talent started to flow. David Smith surprised us with his talent, creating a sax solo that fit the song perfectly, so that‘s the one you can hear in the album. Nicholas Laraque, mentor of the three students and stablished in the international scene as a studio and live musician, also left us his contribution to the song. The result of the session is an instrumental track which is light and bright, in contrast to Ken Boothe’s dark and deep song.

A. Ken Boothe - Memories From Last Night
B. Alpha Boys School - Alpha On The Top