Arts Of Seduction (digipack)

Arts Of Seduction (digipack)

Oldians, the


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Arts Of Seduction (digipack)

After the success of their first album, ‘Old Secrets’, which was just released on vinyl, we can celebrate now the release of this second studio album from this Jamaican Jazz band from Barcelona called ‘Arts Of Seduction’. The Oldians are an ‘allstar’ band featuring members from The Kinky Coocoo’s, Flight 404, The Cabrians, Amusic Skazz Band and The 8th Jet.

If their first album was composed of own compsositions but one cover song, this one is full of covers from John Coltrane, Benny Golson, Charlie Parker, etc. and just one own composition. Arts of Seduction narrates a romantic relationship in 14 chapters, from it’s begining to it’s su consolidation or different outcome, proposing stages and hiting upon the choice, arrangements and interpretation of the selected cover songs.


1. Impressions
2. Atractions (Along Came Betty)
3. Temptations (Lonnie's 4. Laments)
4. Seduction (Speak Low)
5. Action (Five spot after dark)
6. Invitation (The Look of Love)
7. Emotions (Body & Soul)
8. Aceptation (The Answer)
9. Ilusions (You Make Me Feel Brand New)
10. Obsessions (Old Cha Cha)
11. Addiction (Alone Together)
12. Perversions (Chi Chi)
13. Deception (Misty)
14. Consolidation (La Vie En Rose)