King Sparrow’s Calypso Carnival

: Mighty Sparrow
: LP
: Rumble


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The undisputed manifesto-album from original Trinidadian Calypso singer Mighty Sparrow, who along with longtime friend and rival Lord Melody, helped popularize Calypso internationally, right after Belafonte's 1956 full scale success. With his ultra-sweet vocals and lyrics that speak of romance and topical politics, Mighty Sparrow (born Slinger Francisco) is an 11-time winner of the calypso monarchy and an eight-time winner of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival Road March competition. Winning the Carnival competition in 1956 with "Jean and Dinah," he received a grand prize of 40 dollars. In protest, he wrote a scorching indictment of the Trinidadian music industry, "Carnival Boycott." Despite his refusal to compete in the Carnival contests for the next three years, Sparrow became one of the Caribbean's most successful artists, emerging as a relevant and representative voice of his time and society.

Side A:
1. Teresa
2. Reply To Melody
3. Mad Bomber
4. Short Little Shorts
5. Eve
6. Paye

Side B:
1. No More Rockin' And Rollin'
2. Country Girl
3. Russian Satellite
4. Stella
5. Dorothy
6. Postcard To Sparrow