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A La Recherche d’un Son Perdu

: Jim Murple Memorial
: CD
: Liquidator

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The most spectacular band from Paris are inviting to a new cruise to the Caribbean sea. Deaparturing from New Orleans with it’s groovy R&B and old Jazz flavor, will stop at Trinidad for enjoying some Calypso dance, before boarding for the final destination in Jamaica, with the classic Ska & Rocksteady rhythms.

Ok folks, immediate boarding!!
Jim Murple Memorial invites.


1Music Treats Woes3:16
2Some Other Day Some Other Time2:35
3Tourbillone Mon Coeur • Radio Edit3:57
4'Round Money3:12
5In Walked Bud3:01
6Ding Dingo2:15
7Morning Boogaloo3:34
8Amant Passionné3:35
9Condo's Stomp2:24
10Un Jour Mon Prince...4:10
11Don't Hurt Me4:43
12Don't Go4:21
15Tourbillone Mon Coeur • Original Edit4:24