Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamás

Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamás

Granadians del Espacio Exterior, los


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Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamás

After the ‘Reggae Laboratory’ burned, Los Granadians had to face a difficult decission. The fire reasons are still a mistery but there was a time that everybody talked about it saying to know the real reason. Luckyly there were only material damages, of a high technological value, that’s right. But the instant success of their previous album “Space is Different” and the release in Japan of their “Greatest Hits” album pussed them to record a new record, but… where?

After thinking for several weeks they realized of the perfect studio. They flew to Gijon, in Asturias, northern Spain, to meet Jorge Explosion and the top new yorker producer Mike Mariconda at their vintage El Circo Perrotti studio.

They quickly decided the perfect tracks to fit in the new album. One and every song was specially written and designed to compose a hit record. None of them had been played before live. And they took a rest after finishing the recordings and before starting to mix, they wanted to check the new tracks playing live for their fans and analyze the audience reaction. So they took their instruments and went on a european mini tour playing in Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Los Granadians creative talent along with the creative techniques at Circo Perrotti, can be tasted in this ambitious production. Among the microgrooves of this record are some hidden sound frequencies unhearely for the human ear.

The Universe wonders, the earthlife  extraterrestrial origin and the future inter-planerary harmony are just a small part of this hidden message for the sceptics and evident for that one who knows how to listen when airplayed in every radio station in the world. This signals reception symptoms are evident in the teenager audience: phrenetic dances and an immediate febril state.

Follow LOS GRANADIANS once again in their most pretentious mission, offering the earth youngsters a new Extraterrestrial Reggae masterpiece. Eleven “hidden and misterious world’s inspired songs”, where no man has landed before.


1. En La Nueva Órbita
2. La Chica Más Dulce
3. Déjame Intentarlo
4. El Humanoide
5. La Fiebre
6. Parker Boogie
7. Mentirosa
8. Sonda Phoenix
9. Eslabón Perdido
10. El Dinero Es Para...
11. ¡Granadíssimo!