Joe Gibbs Mood / Hot Buttered Corn

Joe Gibbs Mood / Hot Buttered Corn

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Cobbs, the


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Joe Gibbs Mood / Hot Buttered Corn
Originally released in 1969 on Amalgamated Records and never repressed since!
The mysterious and hugely talented COBBS recorded only 4 instrumental tracks in 1969. These 4 tracks were produced by Joe Gibbs in his recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica. They were initially published on the Amalgamated Records label in the U.K. in 1969 on 4 distinct E.P.s. shared with other artists from the label.
As a band, The Cobbs are virtually unknown today but its members were in fact the "creme de la creme" of Jamaican musicians at the time. Check this line-up:
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Rad Bryan: Guitar
Ranchie McLean: Bass
Ansel Collins: Keyboards
All four were members of the Revolutionaries i.e. the 1970s CHANNEL ONE studio band.
With such musicianship, it is really unfortunate that only 4 songs, all instrumentals and all top tracks, were ever recorded by The Cobbs. Their compositions were distinctly creative, driven by a big organ sound, heavy rhythms and an unstoppable energy.  Unknown and underrated, The Cobbs were a formidable Reggae powerhouse for a short time at the end of the 60s. Until now The Cobbs tracks have never been released on a single of their own. 


A.   Joe Gibbs Mood
B.   Hot Buttered Corn