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Tea House From Emperor Roscoe / Brixton Cat


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Dice The Boss


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Tea House From Emperor Roscoe / Brixton Cat

'Tea House From Emperor Roscoe' by Dice The boss aka Pama Dice was first released as a B side of the early Reggae classic 'She Caught The Train' by Ray Martell released in 1970 on the Trojan sublabel Joe (which we will also release separately on the 22nd of March 2024) whilst 'Brixton Cat' was released in 1969 on the Duke Label under a Joe logo.

Both titles are skinhead reggae classics that have never been reissued and are very much demand.

About Dice The Boss/ Pama Dice:
Not much is known about Dice The Boss. His real name was Hopeton Reid and he was alternatively known as 'Pama Dice'. But we know more about Pama Dice thanks to Gaz Mayall!

"Pama Dice was one of Prince Busters ‘no-shoes’ ‘Sunday school gang in west Kingston Jamaica. According to the Prince there wasn’t a car that Pama couldn’t nick. He used to nick the cars uptown with no shoes on & take them to the ghetto to teach the youth to drive. They were called the Sunday school or no-shoes gang as they were so poor that they only had one pair of shoes each & only wore them to church on Sundays. Pama Dice rose in the ranks to become one of Prince Busters main sound system DJs before emigrating to London in the late sixties where he MC’d for Duke Vin & recorded many great records for the UK/Jamaican booming new Reggae market in its infancy on the shoulders of the Bluebeat & Ska & Rock Steady music scene."


A.   Tea House From Emperor Roscoe
B.   Brixton Cat