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Reggae Rula – La Prehistoria Del Reggae En El Estado Español (1984-1998) vol. 1, LP

There was a time when Reggae music in Spain was made more with the heart than with really uknowledge, with more passion that technique, with more enthusiasm than ways of promotion. After the dictator Francisco Franco died in 1975, the …

Sin t’tulo

Hot news

Transilvanians ‘Echo, Vibes & Fire’, new album soon!

Jamaican R&B, Rock-Steady, Martian Groovy, Funk, Dub, & Horror Reggae au Go Go!! The top galician band is preparing the release of a brand new full length album to be released during september. A record featuring 12 songs that will …

King Hammond & The Sound Syndicate ‘Skaville Olé Tour’ – September 14

King Hammond & The Sound Syndicate ‘Skaville Olé Tour’ – September 2014 Musician, songwriter and Grammy award, Nick Welsh, also known as King Hammond, will be touring Spain backed by The Sound Syndicate, the band with he has played in …

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