On the streets

Transilvanians ‘Echo, Vibes & Fire’, LP/CD

The catacomb reggay can happen in any dark cave through the depths of the Kingston harbor. Right in that moment when the tide is high and the vampires, the zombies and the duppys get together in the slums of the …

Sin t’tulo

Hot news

Reggae Rula – La Prehistoria Del Reggae En El Estado Español (1984-1998) vol. 1, LP

There was a time when Reggae music in Spain was made more with the heart than with really uknowledge, with more passion that technique, with more enthusiasm than ways of promotion. After the dictator Francisco Franco died in 1975, the …

Le Grand Miercoles, new album on the streets!!!

The Reggae outlaws comes again with an original combination of Jamaican beats and surf guitars. ‘Ghost Cowboys’ is the title of their new album co-produced by The Golden Singles Records and Liquidator Music.

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