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Known for being part of the INNA DE YARD family for almost 20 years, Jamaican singer extraordinaire DERAJAH is a major figure in Kingston music scene. He is the bridge between the old and new generations, passing the knowledge from the elders to the youths. We are delighted to present his latest effort in collaboration with A-class studio band The 18th Parallel: ‘PROSPERITY’. A showcase album of 6 songs with dub versions produced between Geneva, Switzerland and Kingston, Jamaica. With the expert touch of mixing maestro Westfinga, the 11 tracks of ‘Prosperity’ are sonic masterpieces, timeless and innovative. In between the raw and brutal sound of 80’s Jamaican rub a dub and today’s sophisticated and polished modern sound. Derajah's raw and emotive vocals paint vivid pictures of struggle and resilience, carrying a profound message of social consciousness and resistance against oppressive forces, while The 18th Parallel's ultra-solid riddims create a rich tapestry of sound that will transport you to the heart of roots reggae. With its impeccable production quality, ‘Prosperity’ captures the essence of reggae's golden era. 

This groundbreaking album is a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire, uplift, and ignite change. 

The story towards the creation of this album also needs to be shared. As Fruits Records members were in Jamaica on tour and to record their first projects, they crossed Derajah paths a couple times without getting a chance to work together. But this was enough to set a strong foundation to a relationship that goes way beyond the musical side only. A few years after this meeting, one phone call only was enough to start the process. The rest is pure magic! Spontaneity, trust and loyalty became the guidelines for the creation of this gem, which stand out of time and space, and aim to carry on its path anyone seeking for knowledge, love and prosperity. 


A1.   Babylon A Quake
A2.   Dub Quake
A3.   Gwaan And Low Me (Extended)
A4.   I Man Beam
A5.   I And I Dub

B1.   Old John Crow
B2.   Dub Crow
B3.   Nil Rome
B4.   Annihilation Dub
B5.   Row Fisherman
B6.   Fisherdub


Drums, Juno-60, Antonelli: Antonin Chatelain 
Bass: Quentin Stern, Stan Breynaert (A4), Stuf Addis (B5) 
Piano, organ, vocoder, glockenspiel, percussion: Mathias Liengme 
Rhythm guitar, backing vocals: Léo Marin 
Pick guitar: Adrien Stern 
Synare: Roberto Sánchez 
Trombone: Anthony Dietrich Buclin 
Tenor saxophone: Michael Pellegrini 
Trumpet, backing vocals: Alexandre Schneiter 
Backing vocals: Quentin Stern, Julien Plaza, Maria Smith