El Temperamental Sonido de Los Granadians

With this delectable disc the Granadians present to you their much-awaited Long Play Record. Eleven songs (ten of which appear on record for the first time) drawn from their expansive live repertoire of recent years, and recorded in their mysterious studio known only as ‘El Laboratorio del Reggae’ (the Reggae Laboratory). With the success garnered by previous releases such as the EP ‘Feliz Navidad con Los Granadians’ (Merry Christmas with The Granadians), this young band enjoys both critical and public acclaim. No less popular is their work as backing musicians and producers for the latest hits from Liquidator Music, with such legendary artists from the sixties as Derrick Morgan and Dave Barker. The British music enthusiast press has christened their sound ‘crunchy, jerky, esoteric!’.

For quite some time the Granadians have been offering a good portion of their musical treasure trove in electrifying live gigs. Finally, we are witness to the arrival of the first volume in a series of discs that promises to surprise with each installment. ‘El Temperamental Sonido de Los Granadians’ demonstrates the band¹s love of new and fashionable rhythms like Rocksteady and Reggae. In the microgrooves of this record you will find clearly demonstrated their highly personal interpretation of these new sounds, which are causing frenzy amongst young people all over the globe. These recordings were realized under great secrecy in ‘El Laboratorio del Reggae’, where the group employs curious and daring recording techniques, utilizing technologies clearly not of this Earth. As fruit of these sessions we will see more records in the not-too-distant future, with yet more interplanetary adventures and tender songs of love. Music from beyond the blue horizon that young people everywhere can identify with, masterfully composed and executed by Modern youths like themselves!

‘We love Jamaican music from the sixties, especially Rocksteady and Reggae, but we don¹t define ourselves as interpreters of Jamaican music. Back in the day, tons of reggae tracks were recorded in England by English artists… as well as in other parts of the world, like Mexico, Argentina and Spain… and there were some pretty interesting Rocksteady and Reggae tracks being produced out there. We consider ourselves closer in spirit to these Hispanic and English bands that adapted such rhythms than to the original Jamaican artists. And we are also very interested in Rock and Roll culture, (especially from the sixties) and its relationship with other things like Sci-Fi movies and, well, anything that exudes original Rock and Roll attitude. Rocksteady and Reggae provide the format for expressing our ideas only because they¹re our favorite rhythms from that era’.

These eleven songs, their unique production, and the impressive talents of each member of the band make this record one of the best yet from the Granadians, and, why not?, one of the best LPs in Modern music!

Only available on CD.

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