One of the best 60’s reviver bands in the world and main reference of the Reggae movement since their flying saucer landed to stay, more than 12 years ago.

Their American fans are by thousands, and it was in Mexico City where they gathered,  in 2009, in a single massive concert, his followers of the continent. The old Europe surrenders to their spanish lyrics, these guys have taken proudly their home city name (Granada) all over the known universe.

Their 2011 single ‘Por Mucho Que Pasen Los Años / A 6.000.000 de Años Luz’ was sold out within weeks of its launch, positioning them as a cult band. One of those “best kept secrets” from an underground scene that is increasingly more voice in their country.

Their last tour, on the occasion of the band’s 10th. anniversary, It is still remembered in talks of pubs by Skinheads, Rockers, Mods, Punks, Garage kids and other characters of the night youth, who go mad alike to the contagious rhythm of Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior.

Pending became eternal, but Los Granadians return with a special show and new album for the ‘Reggalactic’ tour, the eleventh in career, which is released under ‘Reggae Sideral’, the sub-label which includes its own productions on Liquidator Music label.

‘Reggaláctico’ is a 12 new compositions album, in their always successful line of adapting the favorite Jamaican rhythms of the 1960s, such as Rocksteady and Reggae, as it would have been done by the latin Rock bands from that days, wrapped in a Beat and Rhythm & Blues paper.
Some consider them a few purists of the genre, but they only define as “a young Spanish set of modern music”. Masterfully executed music from other worlds.

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