New York City EP (en)

The expectation grows and grows everytime that Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior release a new album. This time they chose the classic 45rpm 4 track EP “Extended Play”, a format which they have not released since 2003 when the top seller ‘Feliz Navidad Con Los Granadians’. This EP is a new satellite in the same orbit as they previous LP ‘Donde Nigun Hombre Ha Llegado Jamas’.

The album starts with the long awaited for ‘New York City’, with Peter Parker leading the way with catchy lyrics from the dancefloor. Everybody know they’ve got their own style and this one is perfect example.

‘Mercurio On The Rocks’ deeps on the interstellar trip. New adventures under the extraterrestrial reggae rules.

‘La Fiebre’, (en english means The Fever), arrived from other worlds and conquered the earth’s youngs with its infectious rhythm, now Los Granadians propose for a step beyond overcoming space and time line entering with them into the ‘Dimension-G’.

Under popular demand, as a deserved tribute to Phoenix Mars Lander, Los Granadians recover their hit ‘Sonda Phoenix’ as a golden gate for a superb album. Long live to Phoenix!

“Los Granadians have supported the Phoenix project since its origin. Mars has always been a reference for several generations youth who has been faithly watching the firmament, the ice discovering, similar to the Earth’s, has given us a big strength under the possibility of a martian party” (…) “The song called ‘Sonda Phoenix’ has been one of our biggest hits last year. We wrote it inspired straight by the Phoenix Mars Lander, when it was about to land in Mars. We had the chance to prove it in the crowded gig we offered in Mexico last autumn meeting our fans from allover America, this one was one of the most singalonged and danced tune in that great meeting. There has always been a serious demand of this track in a 7” record, since it is the youth’s favourite phonographic format.”.

Sold out.

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