Rootical Vibrations

Rootical Vibrations

Jah Warrior / Vicotry
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Rootical Vibrations

Rootical Vibrations album was released Mar 20, 2001 on the Victory World label. This excellent compilation of modern roots reggae comes from a likely source by way of an unlikely one. Rootical Vibrations music CDs The material is all licensed from Britain's fine Jah Warrior label, so far the closest thing to an heir to the throne once occupied by Adrian Sherwood's mighty On-U Sound (which has gone essentially dormant since the late '90s). Rootical Vibrations songs The unlikely conduit for these recordings is the Victory label, much better known as home to some of the U.S. 's best hardcore punk bands. Rootical Vibrations album What's most exciting about this compilation, though, is the surprising mix of established names and relatively unknown artists it presents. Rootical Vibrations CD music Usually a collection like this one will be heavy on big names, and while there are quite a few of those in evidence here -- notably the legendary DJs Trinity and Dillinger along with veteran singers like Prince Alla, Alton Ellis, and Horace Andy -- there are also a number of artists who will likely be unfamiliar to all but the hippest American reggae fans, including Hughie Izachar, Tena Stellin, and Rod Taylor. Rootical Vibrations music CDs And it's the unknowns who contribute some of the album's finest moments: Taylor's "Weeping & Wailing" is suitably dread in tone and very nicely sung, while Izachar's "Can't Take the Pressure" is a classic sufferer's anthem, delivered in a delicate tenor wail. Other highlights include Dillinger's stentorian "No Racial War" and, not surprisingly, the ever-brilliant Prince Alla's exquisite "Stop Your Crying." Highly recommended both as a useful introduction to the Jah Warrior label and as a pleasurable reggae experience in its own right. ~ Rick Anderson


1.   Trinity, Jah Warrior - Cruising
2.   Rod Taylor, Jah Warrior - Weeping & Wailing
3.   Afrikan Simba, Jah Warrior - Impostor
4.   Prince Alla, Jah Warrior - Stop Your Crying
5.   U Brown, Jah Warrior - No Wicked Can't Reign
6.   Earl 16, Jah Warrior - Evolution
7.   Hughie Izachaar, Jah Warrior - Can't Take The Pressure
8.   Dillinger, Jah Warrior - No Racial War
9.   Tony Roots, Jah Warrior - Ease Off
10.   Alton Ellis, Jah Warrior - Here I Stay
11.   Tena Stelin, Jah Warrior - Be Joyful
12.   Peter Broggs, Jah Warrior - I Put My Trust In Jah
13.   Anthony Johnson, Jah Warrior - Africa
14.   Horace Andy, Jah Warrior - Wash That Woman