With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem
With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem
With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem
With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem

With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem (negro)


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Record Store Day 2022

Jump Up! Records / Grover Records
Roy Ellis & Monty Neysmith With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem
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With Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem (negro)
Smoke & Mirrors Sound System is the brainchild of John Roy (Unsteady, Gangbusters), who created a traditional ska /reggae studio supergroup during the 2020 shut down.
The band’s current release output all across the world is mind blowing. This boss 10 inch vinyl EP pressed on classic black, blue, and red vinyl features Roy Elis and A side and Monty Nyesmith in the flip side, among many other guest musicians.


A1.   More That Unites
A2.   Dub That Unites

AA1.   Start All Over
AA2.   Dub All Over


More That Unites
Roy Ellis – Singjay & Toasting
Dan Vitale – Lead Vocal
Emilio Martinez – Drums
Victor Rice – Bass
Tony Devenish – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Roger Rivas – Organ
Kevin Hewitt – Hammond Organ
John Roy – Saxes, Backing Vocals
Buford O’Sullivan -Trombone, Trumpet, Backing Vocals

Start All Over
Monty Neysmith – Lead Vocals
Korey Kingston Horn – Drums
Brent Ford – Bass
Matt Parker – Piano
Kevin Hewitt – Hammond Organ
Roger Rivas – Clavinet
Andrew Bauer – Guitars
Mike Benge – Trombone
Eric Abbey – Trumpet
John Roy – Saxes, Piano, Synth, Percussion
Erica Newell – Background Vocals
David Moxley- Toasting / Vocals